Why I want Lincoln's Aviator to soar

Remember the Lincoln Aviator? You know, the short-lived, classy brother to Ford’s Explorer? Probably not, as only a handful of people bought them and it disappeared after the 2005 model year. Well it’s back, making a surprise debut in the Big Apple weeks ago, and Lincoln really needs it to take off. Lincoln showed us […]

VIDEO – Australian Rallycross incar

There is denying that the sport of Rallycross is popular, with Global Rallycross and World Rallycross being two of the biggest Championship currently. In Australia, which already loves the sport of Rally, Rallycross has had a couple of false starts of late. But that is all about to change.

Hoonivercinema Quick Take – Street Rod Nationals Autocross

As a little teaser for an upcoming post about the Street Rod Nationals event held last month here in Springfield, here is some footage from the autocross event that they hosted. The promoter reminded us that this was the first autocross that the Street Rod Nationals had hosted in 40 years. It was open to […]

No Beach Out Of Reach: Dutton Reef Amphibian

On Monday’s bonus round of Mystery Car, the unnamed machine was correctly identified as the Amphicar 770, disappointingly quickly. There can’t be many folk in the Hooniverse who haven’t yet learnt of the many limitations and design compromises of the famous ’60s amphibian, its mechanical make-up was limited by the technology of the time, and […]

Sidecar Donuts Make 2015 Awesome

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeNOEtUJrQY[/youtube] You already know that my riding buddy Rusty is awesome. Here is how he chose to celebrate New Year’s Day: doing one-handed donuts on his Ural Gear-Up. Note the snow flying from the powered sidecar wheel. Video credit to his lovely wife, as captured by her smartphone potato from an upstairs window.

Piloting the Interceptor

  For a short while, one unseasonably hot thursday, I was the coolest man in the entire world, and my grin made me look like a Canadian on South Park. Now, I’m not a cool person, at all. Even my knees have an outmoded, unfashionable quality to them. But coolness is sometimes a mindset, and […]