House of Gucci trailer shows off some great vehicles

House of Gucci Lambo

There’s a movie coming out soon about the House of Gucci. It’s called… House of Gucci. You may or may not care about the story, but judging by the trailer I just watched you will be interested in the vehicles on display. Also, the actors and director involved are pretty damn good so this could be a […]

Start your Friday with Senna’s lap of Donington Park from 1993

senna donnington lap

I am sure the embedded video below will require you to click through and watch it on the F1 YouTube channel. They don’t really get how the Internet works, but that’s okay because the video IS up on their channel. This video is worth a watch every time I come across it, as it is […]

Rad Ventures explains why the Nissan 240SX is great

240SX drifting

Rad Ventures is a new video series over on Hagerty’s YouTube channel. It’s hosted by Ryan Symancek, who is pretty darn good at flinging vehicles down dirt-covered trails. Now he’s setting out to explore his favorite vehicles, and they hail from the ’80s and ’90s. First up, he’s exploring the Nissan 240SX. He talks about […]

Magnus Walker samples the Mercedes-Benz Silber-Sau

Silber-Sau Benz

The Red Pig is one of my favorite cars. Full stop. It’s a racing Mercedes-Benz sedan that managed to snag 2nd place overall (1st in class) at the 24-hour of Spa back in 1971 and helped kickstart the AMG brand. The Mercedes Classic Center built a recreation of that car, but it also made a […]

The Overlanders of Mile 22


Full disclosure: I have four kids so I rarely see movies at the time when they are released. Hence I’m going to discuss a movie from 2018. Mile 22 stars Mark Wahlberg & Iko Uwais. If you don’t know who Iko is, please try and track down The Raid: Redemption. Crazy good fight choreography and action […]

Formula Supra: Installing the engine and transmission

Transmission tunnel mount in the Formula Supra

Formula Supra is coming along nicely. Ryan Tuerck and his team are fabricating and figuring things out. You don’t simply slap a wicked Judd V10 into the engine bay of a car with a few turns of a wrench. Along the way you need to figure out how things will fit, leave room for other […]

Two self-indulgent notes: My show is back and I’m a guest on a podcast

Last year, in the middle of a global pandemic, I started hosting a show for MotorTrend. It’s called Shift Talkers, and Season 2 has just launched on the MotorTrend app. If you have the app already, the first episode of S2 is ready to go and features the crew from Donut Media as guests. It […]

Hagerty bringing the heat to the online automotive video space

Sam Smith driving a Citroen

It’s good to be in the insurance game. There’s cash to be made, and Hagerty knows this. But Hagerty also knows how to spend it, judging by the upcoming onslaught of automotive content it’s just announced. The classic-car insurance giant is doling out a sweet lineup of shows on its YouTube channel. Here’s a peak […]

Pikes Peak: On The Edge needs to be on your watchlist

Pikes Peak Documentary

It has been a while since there has been a motorsport documentary that I’ve enjoyed. Truth in 24, Dust to Glory, & Truth in 24 II are on my shortlist. There is a new contender on this list and it is Pikes Peak: On The Edge. The trailer for our Pikes Peak mini series: On […]

Gymkhana 2020: Ultimate Hometown Shred

I’m a big Gymkhana fan. It’s just about the most fun automotive media production I’ve seen, perhaps ever. However, I’ve wondered how they would keep it fresh. Critics will say it’s largely the same thing each time, Ken Block siding around in a different location. For the “turned up to 11” Gymkhana 2020 version, they […]