There’s a problem with Ohio’s new license plate

Ohio license plate

This morning, Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles unveiled a new design for the state’s standard license plates which goes into effect on December 29th. It’s the first time the state has updated its standard plate design since 2013. This design has garnered a lot of attention and criticism already. I mean, it’s a bit cheesy, […]

Every one of Ford’s aviation-themed AirVenture Oshkosh show cars – ranked

For well over a decade, Ford has been building aviation-themed one-off show cars for the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosk. It’s a huge airshow and aviation gathering that takes place every summer when we’re not in lockdown. The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) also organizes charities centered around aviation – this is where Ford comes into play. […]

Relive the Gran Turismo 4 intro video with Van Halen

gt4 opening van halen

I grew up in a household that loved classic rock. It was always on the stations we tuned in to and the CDs we played. I’m positive I had been subject to the legendary work of Van Halen before I brought home a copy of Gran Turismo 4 at the age of 13. But it […]

Shower Thoughts: the Shelby GT350 is like The Giving Tree for cars


Ford recently dropped some news that was sort of expected but is incredibly sad nonetheless. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is bowing out this fall and won’t return as a 2021 model. While covering this in today’s news, I mentioned how influential the GT350 was to the Mustang lineup as a whole. As I began […]

How Tesla Designed the Cybertruck


Tonight Tesla unveiled the pickup they had been promising and teasing for years. It was hilarious. As I sat at my desk writing up this week’s news, I had Twitter open on another screen and watched everyone’s reactions pour in as the live stream unveiling began. At first the general reaction was disbelief, as if […]

Toyota and Subaru announce new business alliance

Toyota & Subaru Announce New Partnership

Toyota Motor Corporation and Subaru Corporation have announced that their current alliance will be lengthening into a long-term partnership. The major takeaways from the announcement are to continue making ever-better cars (didn’t say SUVS, weird right?) and to expand the partnership to survive this once-in-a-century period of change. More Sportscars Really what this means for […]

Gridlife South 2017 – A Perfect Weekend at the Track

For the past three years, a new kind of motorsports festival has been rapidly gaining momentum and popularity within the car community. It’s called Gridlife and it’s a festival that combines road racing, drifting, car shows, and music into one long weekend at the track. After starting at a small track in the fields of […]

Car Bros Tries Out the "One Take" Thing

Here at the Hooniverse, we love Matt Farah. We also love Car Bros, so this video of them attempting a Farah-style One Take is relevant to our interests. In what might be their best work yet, they take what’s totally a real Challenger SRT Demon on a quick road test around some nice and straight suburban […]

PSA: Project CARS is Free to Xbox Live Gold Members

Project CARS, the flawed but fun racing simulator is one of this months free titles on Xbox Live for Gold members. Like Forza Horizon before it it’s nice to see Microsoft providing some free games for us gear heads in the audience, especially those of us that like to challenge ourselves with a bit of […]

Hooniverse Reviews: Assetto Corsa's Porsche Packs

Skin used: Porsche 962c Short Tail – GReddy #99 by moustiqo Porsche is in the midst of a triumphant (and long overdue) return to sim racing after years of contractual tyranny from EA. The exclusive contract that the Need for Speed publishers had with Porsche for more than a decade is officially over, which allowed for the legendary brand […]