The new Acura Integra will get a manual gearbox

acura integra manual gearbox

Acura just posted a video highlighting something I think you can all appreciate; a slew of manual gearboxes. And the purpose is to highlight the fact that the upcoming new Integra is getting one too. Acura will show off its new Integra at the upcoming Radwood SoCal show in November. The event is actually being […]

Nissan needs to build a bad-ass Frontier Nismo

Nissan Frontier Nismo

Right now, Nissan has a solid mid-size truck offering in the reworked Frontier. The Pro-4X version is pretty great as it sits. But more could be better, right? In the truck segment, the answer there is usually “hells yes, thanks!” So that’s why we here at Hooniverse believe Nissan needs to cook up a full-on […]

Land Rover Trek 2021: We came, we saw, we won

land rover trek 2021

The Land Rover Trek 2021 competition takes place at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. The many acres of trails and forest provide a perfect place for the automaker to put its vehicles and people to the test. This competition serves as a platform for dealer teams to show how well they know the […]

There’s always somebody quicker…

This video comes from a Performance Data Recorder in a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Per the video description, this car produces 800 wheel horsepower. And you can see in the video that it runs from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. That’s incredibly quick. But as you can see, it’s not quick enough… […]

2023 Corvette Z06: Here’s your first look

2023 Corvette Z06

Chevrolet posted a picture of the new Z06 to its Instagram account. The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will get a full reveal on October 26th, but it’s nice to finally see what it’s going to look like. Although we do miss the giant wing you see on the camouflaged version shown testing at the Nürburgring. […]

I hate hi-lift jacks…

hi-lift jack

Look, I get why these are useful for some folks. There are a handful of different uses for them. And when used properly, they can get you out of a tough spot out on the trail. But you know what? I hate them. They’re heavy, take up a lot of space on your vehicle, are […]

Ford Bronco Raptor lands in 2022

Bronco Raptor

Ford is teasing a production version of its forthcoming Bronco Raptor. We all knew it would happen and now we know that you’ll get a chance to see one out on the trail sometime in 2022. Potentially. Assuming they’re available. And the hardtops are good to go. And the chip shortage has eased up for […]

Range Anxiety? Lucid Air Dream Edition receives 520-Mile EPA Rating

Lucid Air

The biggest issue with EV adoption has always been range. It seems with some consumers, it’s never enough. Even with Tesla’s Model S Long Range edition, which has an EPA rating of 400+ miles, there were still a few holdouts. Lucid Group looks to put an end to that. Lucid has been touting its Air […]

This rubber dog chew toy comes from an old VW part

VW Kong dog toy

If you have a dog, you likely have (or have at least heard of) Kong chew toys. They’re those indestructible rubber items, often fillable with treats, which your dog will gnaw on forever. Did you know that the Kong chew you was designed by a mechanic with inspiration from an old Volkswagen suspension part? Back […]

So I saw a TVR Chimaera this weekend

My town of Lake Forest, California had a small car show this weekend. In the background was an outdoor concert with some food trucks as well. I strolled through the line of cars and everything there was pretty expected. Some old Mopar, a few Camaros, mostly Boomer-spec ultra-chrome wheels as far as the eye could […]