Packing a Punch: the Packasport Day Tripper Cargo Carrier

Packasport Day Tripper

As self-sufficient travelers, we strive for the ultimate in organization. The American-made Packasport Day Tripper rooftop cargo carrier exceeded our expectations in many areas but came up short in a few others. Receiving a product sample for review, we installed a Packasport Day Tripper rooftop atop our 1992 Mitsubishi Pajero and put it to the […]

BFGoodrich launches off-road wiper blades

BFGoodrich Launches off-road wiper blades

Have you ever said to yourself “dang, I wish my wiper blades were as good as my BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires. And I wish my wipers would look like my tires, too!” If you did say that to yourself, there is great news! BFGoodrich just launched BFGoodrich Off Road Wiper Blades. The new wipers are […]

Gadget Review: TechBrands Wireless GPS Speedometer

With two ongoing motorcycle projects in my garage, I’ve been reading and thinking about gearing versus vehicle speed a lot lately. With those thoughts comes the keen awareness that old-school mechanical speedometers can be wildly inaccurate, and even many modern OE digital speedometers have a built-in “fudge factor.” The proper tool for accurately determining vehicle […]

GoPro to sell a new light that could be great for wrenching

With the relatively recent launch of the GoPro 8, the camera maker is diving deeper into the accessory end of the game. There are some great hardware addons for the action camera, which give it a lot more functionality. You have an improved microphone, flip-out display, and an attachable light. There’s a new light coming, however, […]

Random Amazon LED headlight bulbs aren’t bad

One thing that I never liked on my Toyota 4Runner are the headlights. The 2010 – 2013 SR5 and Limited models came with headlights that had silver bezels. I started looking around for used OEM headlights from a Trail model, which had black bezels instead of chrome. I didn’t want to go aftermarket because of […]

Review: Slime Tire Inflator and Vacuum 2-In-1

I was waiting for that first really cold day of the season. That cold day is easily identifiable by the glow of the “low tire pressure” light on one’s dashboard. But this year, unlike past years, I welcomed my little idiot light. That’s because I had a new product that I was just waiting to […]

Review: Yakima SlimShady roof rack awning

A station wagon and a roof rack go hand-in-hand. You cannot have one without the other, well, at least that’s my mantra. Roof racks are a mandatory feature, an imperative must-have for me when it comes to car shopping. Sure, you can open the lift gate on a station wagon and fold down its seats […]

Review: Yakima HighRoad upright roof bike rack

Transporting bicycles has always been an issue for me. I looked for the optional folding rear seat when I bought used BMWs. In my early WRX I had a roof rack. Once I had kids, my SUVs had hitch-mounted racks. The truth is that there were always compromises and the only ideal solution I found […]

Improving Jeep Wrangler JK lighting with Raxiom LED headlights

The beloved JK version of the Jeep Wrangler was in production for ten years. Being a somewhat primitive vehicle overall, the JK had many shortcomings. One of the biggest ones was its lighting. The factory headlights were as modern as disco ball and as bright, too. Things got so bad that in 2016 the Insurance […]

Shiny and Chrome Wilton Silver Color Mist Review: Don't Get it in Your Eyes

About two years ago, The Internet found Wilton Silver Color Mist. It’s a cake decorating spray that looks like a suitable way to replicate the “Shiny and Chrome” spray that the War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road liked to use right before their (often explosive and fiery) death. The A.V. Club reported that people […]