Cars instead of cash: Cheap cars as flood relief in Germany

A couple of weeks ago the unimaginable happened in the Ahr valley region of Germany, not far at all from the Nürburgring race track we all know and love. The towns along the river experienced an unprecedented flood, one so severe that buildings from centuries ago were destroyed. Houses floated along on the now all-encompassing […]

Talking Ram TRX with a TRX Owner

Ram TRX Off-Road

My buddy AJ hates money and loves fun. That’s why he bought a Ram TRX. I recently had my hands on a TRX as well, so we decided to link up and chat about the truck. He’s a much better photographer and videographer than I, so you can get some pretty visuals in the video […]

Let’s go check out Westside Collector Car Storage

Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah has finally cut the ribbons and opened his new facility. It’s a storage center for high-end cars. The place is called Westside Collector Car Storage, and I had the chance to drive up and take a look. This is one seriously impressive building, built in a place where it’s hard […]

Add a supercharger to your Miata and… go slower?

Friend of Hooniverse Jason Fenske is supercharging his ND Miata. We showed you the install video recently. Jason and his buddy Charles (the Humble Mechanic) installed the supercharger, flashed the ECU, and now Jason is driving his souped-up, more powerful, faster Miata… except it’s not faster. Somehow, it’s now slower. Before the install, Jason performed […]

The final word on Dodge splitter guards: Remove them!

Friend of Hooniverse Brian Makse was just at the launch event for Dodge’s new widebody Charger Hellcat. While there, he produced a video highlighting the design details of the car. He grabbed Mark Trostle to walk him through the bits and pieces that make the look of the new widebody sedan special. Mark is the […]

/DRIVE on NBCSN returns for its sixth season

In addition to Proving Grounds, NBC Sports Network is bringing back /DRIVE on NBCSN, or as I call it SlashDrive, for its sixth season. The usual host suspects, Chris Harris, Mike Spinelli, Alex Roy, Kristen Lee, and Zack Klapman are coming back for six hour-long episodes. To keep things simple, all episodes will air after Proving Grounds on NBC […]

Proving Grounds returns for its second season

Leh Keen, Parker Kligerman, and Sam Smith are back in the desert. The trio have returned to host a second season of Proving Grounds. This is the show that features all three trying to test a wide range of machinery over the soothing sounds of 80’s synthwave. Right out of the gate, the action is rather […]

A descent into Bill Caswell madness: The BMW 750SWB project

Bill Caswell is a mad man. He’s our kind of mad man though, because his constantly firing brain is always scheming and planning vehicular adventure. His latest bit of insanity could be excellent, if he pulls it off. Caswell is taking a BMW 750 and turning it into a two-door shooting brake style machine. This […]

Engineering Explained entertains on April Fools’ with a Tesla video

Engineering Explained april fools day tesla video

April Fools’ day is… pretty lame. I think social media is to blame for the majority of the e-hate associated with the first day of April. Every brand and content creator is on a mission for that viral joke. Most fall flat. Some are just terrible. But there are a few that get a deserved […]

Obituary: Alex Mills, 1984-2019

Alex Mills, also known by his online handle “Viper007Bond”, passed away yesterday after a long illness. He was 34. Alex was a web developer, working for years with WordPress-related things, but for many he was best known for setting up the FinalGear website and forum some 15 years ago. The site, initially meant for sharing […]