This is the cheapest 8-foot car awning for sale right now

Maxi Trac 8 foot awning BK_MTSA2525

I’m always on the lookout for camping, off-road, and overland gear. This awning popped up in a couple of off-road groups. I have been looking for an awning to put on the Sequoia or the Suburban side to use on camping trips. Leaning towards the Tuff Stuff Overland version because it was at the lower […]

For Sale: This Subaru GL wagon is eager for off-road action

subaru gl wagon for sale

Yesterday we shared a video showing off a glorious BMW wagon that was ready for the dirt. Today, you can buy a cheaper, slower yet still fun version of that same idea. This 1988 Subaru GL is for sale on my local Craigslist. And it’s prepped for battle. Here’s the text of the ad, in […]

Jump start your LeMons goals with this Porsche 944

old porsche for sale

Are you ready to jump into the high-revving world that is shit-box racing? I’ve got the perfect starting point for you and your team. There’s a 1985 Porsche 944 for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and it’s priced at that $500 magic point. The car is a former LeMons racer with what appears to be a […]

Ken Block’s 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck can be yours for $1.1 million

Hoonitruck for sale

That’s a lot of coin… but that’s a wild machine. Ken Block’s amazing 1977 Ford F-150 turned Hoonitruck is for sale. Offered by brokerage firm LBI Limited, the asking price is a crispy $1,100,000. And I’ll be honest, that price doesn’t shock me for what’s being offered here. The Hoonitruck features a monstrous 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged […]

For Sale: 60k-mile 1990 GMC Sierra Dually with crazy bodywork

tridon conversion gmc sierra

Back in 1990, spending $34,870 on a pickup truck is the equivalent of spending just over $71,000 today. Which… honestly, that’s where full-size trucks are at right now, as crazy as that sounds. Still, that’s a lot of coin for a 1990 pickup but that’s what the original owner of this GMC Sierra C3500 Dually […]

Hey there, you look like you could use a Fat Cat

honda fat cat for sale

This is a Honda Fat Cat, and it is awesome. Honda took one of its three-wheelers, chopped a wheel off, and turned it into a bike called the TR200. It was produced for two years only. And it’s a delightful fat-wheeled freak bike. One that is apparently easy enough to ride considering it has an […]

You can still buy a brand new Plymouth Neon

One of the most common criticisms of modern cars is complication. Today’s crop of automobiles are packed to the brim with computers and electronics. Turbochargers squeeze every last bit of power from tiny engines. As a result, modern cars are a challenge to work on and have a lot more to break. The trouble is, […]

Buy this Land Rover Discovery to live those Camel Trophy dreams

Land Rover has a pure, holistic connection with off-roading. So much so that the brand is basically synonymous with four-wheel-drive vehicles. Even more so with the famed Camel Trophy. Though the manufacturer has swayed toward luxury as of late, the Rovers we know and love are those like the example we have here. Exactly like […]

Buy this lifted Buick Roadmaster Estate and one-up every Subaru Outback in town

The Subaru Outback – at least in the US market – is really in a class of its own. Its wagon body combines car-like driving dynamics with SUV practicality, and it actually touts a modicum of off-road capability as well. There’s just one problem: the Outback isn’t cool. Happily, there’s now a solution, and it’s […]

For Sale on BAT: What’s a LuAZ?!

Here’s one we haven’t seen before… Bring-A-Trailer has a 1994 LuAZ 969M for sale. Yes, this vehicle was first introduced as the ZAZ-969 back in the ’60s, but LuAZ kept cranking them out for quite some time. This one is powered by a 1.2-liter V4 backed by a four-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel-drive. It should […]