Cars I Didn’t Know I Wanted: This AMG-Tuned Mitsubishi Galant

AMG-Tuned Mitsubishi Galant

Yes, I’m aware that AMG was not always the in-house performance arm of Mercedes-Benz. Still, when I think AMG my mind will always instantly go to MB products. Well, almost always because I’ve just learned about this amazing little number wearing both an AMG badge and some Mitsubishi badges as well. This is a 1992 […]

I Don’t Need It But I Want It: 1990 Hino Bus Edition

hino bus

Located in Virgina, Japanese Classics is a goldmine of JDM vehicles. They range from extremely cool and rare (in our market) to relatively sedate JDM versions of vehicles we already get. There’s a lot I’d love to own from them, but for some reason, it’s this beast that caught my eye today; a 1990 Hino […]

This Dodge D100 is a perfect Craigslist Pick-Me-Up

1975 dodge d100 for sale

Everyone needs to own a pickup truck at least once in their life. And here’s a pretty excellent example of one. This is a 1975 Dodge D100 Adventurer. That means it was an ever-so-slightly fancier trim compared to the base truck, yet not as sporty as some of the awesome variations of the D-Series at […]

Found on Craigslist: 1964 BMW 700 for sale

bmw 700 coupe for sale

I was not aware that BMW built its own version of the Corvair. That’s essentially what this is as the BMW 700 is a rear-engined vehicle offered in a handful of body styles. Actually, both the Corvair and the 700 landed around the same time, so these are more alt-universe versions of each other. And […]

Wagon Wednesday: Someone save this Volvo 1800ES

volvo p1800 for sale

The listing is short on details and the asking price is a tad too high, but this car definitely deserves a good home. That’s because it’s a one-owner 1973 Volvo 1800ES with 80,000 miles on its odometer. It most certainly needs a fair bit of work but not an insane amount. Some basic body work […]

This smashed Honda Odyssey could be perfect for LeMons

I think pretty much any Honda is a good idea with respect to a “race car” for the 24 Hours of LeMons. You have easy access to parts, the engines are simple, and the cars are generally quite reliable. But the price of a used anything right now is, frankly, insane. Especially a Honda in […]

For Sale: My old Ford F100 is available and you should buy it!

I think about my old 1965 Ford F100 a fair bit. That was a great truck, and I learned a lot more about working on cars because of it. Especially when Hooniverse co-founder Tim Odell and I pulled the engine, swapped in a fresh cam, did the valve seals, and welded up a new exhaust […]

Craigslist: Bitchin’ ’62 Power Wagon

A few months ago I spotted this Power Wagon and was immediately floored by its awesomeness. It’s so perfectly imperfect. It’s beat without being crap. It’s cared for but not loved. It’s used but not abused. It’s what every new truck wants to be when it’s retired. And now I spotted it again, on Craigslist. […]

For Sale: Cool custom cafe racer with a high price tag

1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

I was hunting down options for a good Two-Wheel Tuesday post when I happened across this listing. The bike is a custom 1973 Honda CB750 that’s been given the cafe racer treatment. And it’s very well done. The overall style here is great, especially with the matte black chassis bits, white tank, and tartan seat. […]

This is the cheapest 8-foot car awning for sale right now

Maxi Trac 8 foot awning BK_MTSA2525

I’m always on the lookout for camping, off-road, and overland gear. This awning popped up in a couple of off-road groups. I have been looking for an awning to put on the Sequoia or the Suburban side to use on camping trips. Leaning towards the Tuff Stuff Overland version because it was at the lower […]