Finnish Line: Five Minutes with the 2021 Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hey, who decided to make me the EV correspondent here? No one, and that’s exactly why I’m still a guy who writes down vaguely automotive-related thoughts whenever there’s a lull in my work life. I guess that’s the case with anyone who’s mentioned in the Hooniverse Masthead, isn’t it? But like any major dude with […]

Good to see you, Snake: Dodge Viper SRT-10

Now, if I could still play an instrument off the cuff, I’m pretty sure this is how it would feel to play a song you’ve played hundreds of times. It’s a car spotting post on Hooniverse! These felt great to write way back in the day when I used to stroll small town streets, snap […]

Finnish Line: Toyota’s redesign fixes the 86

I’ve never liked the outgoing Toyota 86. I don’t think I’ve ever published a positive comment on it. As a concept, it’s great. It’s (often) affordable, reliable, naturally aspirated, boxer engined, rear wheel drive, given a good if not overwhelming amount of power, and it’s just a really good car for a lot of buyers looking for a sporty two-door with its heart in the right place. And it looks awful.

Shopping for an atomic toaster – 2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV

At this moment, the electrified car I find the most suitable for my commute and budget is the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. It is about as far from enthusiast cars as the Prius and the second generation Honda Insight are, and it also shares its side profile with those cars. It’s absolutely, completely forgettable, but luckily that is by design.

Finnish Line: Remember diesel convertibles?

The other week I was walking through a neighbourhood in Turku, Finland and a bunch of cars just stood out to me, enough to grab a photo for Twitter. One of them was a late model Saab 9-3 convertible with “Aero TTiD” proudly affixed on its trunk lid. What a concept! The idea of a […]

A sedan fades: The Renault Talisman drives to the horizon

Let’s remember some cars, shall we? Since 2015, Renault’s been building the Talisman sedan. In the current crossover-heavy market climate, it’s something of an outlier. The Talisman is a regular four-door sedan without an available hybrid variant, and it’s offered with both gasoline and diesel engines as well as with a choice of a manual […]

Finnish Line: The Weirding Way

Hold my coffee, I have tweets to explain. If you’re the sort of Hooniverse reader that also takes time to scroll Twitter, you’ve probably become familiar with what appears as Weird Car Twitter. There are Twitter factions for everything one could possibly care about, from plane Twitter to train Twitter and everything in between, and […]

SIATA – Steelies Is Always The Answer?

I’ve been driving around in an old Volvo XC70 for a year and a half. I like it, it’s nice. I got it for cheap from the UK thanks to some friends visiting, sourced some LHD headlights and proceeded to drive to work and back forever, with some basic maintenance making sure the turbodiesel inline […]

Finnish Line: Extracting the full potential of the Chrysler Neon

I don’t just want to buy a Neon. I require one. Like with my earlier posts featuring mostly unloved cars, there’s solid reasoning behind this realization. I’ve done the Baltic Press Rally a few times now, and part of the excitement is arriving in Latvia or Lithuania in a total underdog car and then doing […]

Finnish Line: On hand-me-downs

You may find yourself behind the wheel of a free automobile. And you may ask yourself “How did I get here?” Hand-me-down cars are probably not a strange concept to Hooniverse writers or readers. Even though there’s certainly pride to be had in paying for a car with your own hard-earned money, there’s often a […]