When toys are wasted on kids.

Kids, eh? Today’s young’uns have no idea that we used to sit around boxes with curved-glass fronts, which flickered away at less than 50hz and provided us with fewer than a hundred channels. If there was something we wanted to watch, we had to either wait for it to be broadcast, or we had to […]

Diecast Delights: Real diecast delights.

As a child of the ‘eighties, my diecast collection was made up of whatever was available in local shops. I was typically drawn to Matchbox models, they tended to be better resolved, more detailed and, somehow meatier than Corgis of the same size. For whatever reason, I rarely came across a Hotwheels – perhaps it […]

Diecast Delights: An MG 6 in 1:16th scale

Impulse buy time. I’ve not bought many diecast models of late because, well, I thought I had all those that I wanted. Turns out I was wrong, and clearly have absolutely no clear vision of what I actually want to collect. Every model I’ve collected so far has been of either a car that I […]

Diecast Delights: A Porsche 911 Carrera RS in 1:18 scale

Diecast Delights isn’t everybody’s favourite Hooniverse series, but with the season of expenditure upon us, I thought it worth chiming in with another episode. You see, this is the time of year that many parents consider giving a young hoon their first proper model car, and none of the 1:18s featured in Diecast Delights so […]

BareMetalHW turns a clean car into a Mad Max buggy

BareMetalHW usually takes a crusty old Hot Wheels toy and turns it into fresh look scaled-down awesome. Today, however, we’re moving in the opposite direction. The host takes a Dune Chaser and makes it something that George Millar would be proud to see blasting across a hellish desert landscape. The Dune Chaser is a metal-on-metal […]

Diecast Delights: A Lotus Esprit in 1:18 scale (007 Edition)

When asked “what’s your favourite Bond film” my answer is “I don’t have one”. When asked “what’s one of your favourite Bond films” I might may say For Your Eyes Only. It’s not a very good Bond film, really – the action is slow paced, the dialogue is often corny and stilted, but it’s somehow […]

Diecast Delights: A BMW M1 in 1:18 scale

Model cars are handily sized and – zinc pest aside – impervious to the ravages of time. Like car brochures, they make it possible for the enthusiast to create his or her own personal car museum without leaving the comfort of home. They also allow a rich variety of choice, so you can tailor your […]

Watch a 1968 Camaro restoration… a Hot Wheels Camaro restoration

If you’re not already subscribed to the baremetalHW channel, you need to fix that immediately. The person behind this corner of the Internet is a wizard when it comes to all things Hot Wheels. Some of my favorite videos on the channel are those focusing on the restoration on various cars in the channel owners […]

Diecast Delights: The Audi Avus Concept

Concept cars. As an impressionable kid the unveiling of new concept cars was always the highlight of my motor show trips. On any manufacturers stand these lurid flights of fancy would stand out from the massed ranks of more spacious superminis and cleaner-burning diesels, which, naturally, bored the shit out of me. No, give me […]

Diecast Delights: The Legendary Bburago Vipers

Today’s post is in honour of the car that started so many 1:18 collections, the humble Bburago Dodge Viper RT/10 and its GTS coupe descendent. Released among a wave of other new offerings from the Italian model-maker in the early 90s, a goodly number of pubescent lads awoke on Christmas or Birthday morning and found […]