Watch Carfection rip the new Bowler Defender through a rally stage

bowler defender rally

I love Bowler. They’ve been making wicked Land Rovers for quite some time now. And LR decided to bring the brand in-house, which means we get more Bowler goodness. Exhibit D is this one here. It’s the Bowler Defender and it’s quite a bad-ass thing. Henry Catchpoole from Carfection gets a chance to rip one […]

Build your …new …C-Type Jaguar?!

Most automakers use a tool called a configurator, which allows potential customers the ability to “build” out a specific model to their desired specs. Jaguar Classic just launched a new configurator that allows potential customers to spec out their desired C-Type. That’s right, Jag Classic will crank out a small run of C-Type Continuation cars […]

Meet Your Heroes: Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 Edition

audi quattro s1 e2 rally car

Carfection’s Henry Catchpoole gets to drive a lot of great machines. And he’s really good at communicating what he’s experiencing with those vehicles. Today, Catchpoole jumps behind the wheel of something a bit more special than usual. Audi in the UK let Henry get in some laps in its Group B Quattro S1 E2 rally […]

Finnish Line: Remember diesel convertibles?

The other week I was walking through a neighbourhood in Turku, Finland and a bunch of cars just stood out to me, enough to grab a photo for Twitter. One of them was a late model Saab 9-3 convertible with “Aero TTiD” proudly affixed on its trunk lid. What a concept! The idea of a […]

A sedan fades: The Renault Talisman drives to the horizon

Let’s remember some cars, shall we? Since 2015, Renault’s been building the Talisman sedan. In the current crossover-heavy market climate, it’s something of an outlier. The Talisman is a regular four-door sedan without an available hybrid variant, and it’s offered with both gasoline and diesel engines as well as with a choice of a manual […]

This is how you do the custom Defender thing the right way

Niels Heritage Moon Dust Defender

Far too often, these companies that specialize in custom resto-modded Land Rover Defenders take things too far. The wheels are tacky. Inside, the cabin is overwrought. And the overall simplicity that is a Defender is quickly ruined. Now, I’m not against a resto-modded vehicle. In fact, when done well, I appreciate them. And this is […]

Bowler wants you racing in the new Defender [Mega Gallery Inside]

Back in 2019, Land Rover took a good look at Bowler and decided to bring the rally raid firm in-house. That’s very good news because it means we get a vehicle like the one you see here. This is the Bowler Defender. And it’s not just a vehicle being churned out for those with a […]

Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition is heritage appeal done right

Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition

Remember the Camel Trophy? Of course you do. We talk about it way too often around here. Land Rover remembers it too as it was a glorious period in history when Defenders and Range Rovers competed in some of the most grueling off-road racing conditions the world has to offer. That livery on a Land […]

The 1988 Paris-Dakar Edition Pajero

The 1988 Paris Dakar Edition Pajero for sale

[The good folks at 4x4ward reached out with an awesome look at a special-edition Pajero that we’d never heard about. Here’s what they know about the Paris-Dakar Edition Pajero. Check it out! -JG] If there’s one thing that Mitsubishi hates, it would be cupholders. For whatever reason, their animosity towards beverage containers lasted decades until […]

The 2023 Corvette Z06 sounds AMAZING

2023 z06 logo

I am one of the folks underwhelmed by the noise of the new C8 Corvette. It’s an excellent machine but I was left wanting more. And now “more” is knocking on the door. It arrives bearing a Z06 logo and tremendous, outrageous, excellent noise. Word has it that this C8 Z06 will be packing a […]