Learn everything about the FSC Żuk

fsc zuk video

The FSC Żuk is a Polish van that was made between 1958 and 1998. In those forty years, it received one minor facelift but many minor updates and changes. But underneath it was all based on a GAZ-M20 Pobeda, which was produced in 1946. That Soviet vehicle was surely ripped off some western design that […]

The not-so-sophisticated air conditioning system of Eastern Bloc’s Ikarus buses

Located in a rather northerly part of the world, Poland isn’t exactly a tropical country. It’s so far north that winter days can see less than eight hours of daylight. The daylight makes up for it in the summer, however with the longest day being almost 17 hours long. There are four distinctive seasons but […]

The Ferat Vampire RSR is the weirdest Skoda ever

I live in a country where a Skoda is the most normcore vehicle you can think of. A grey new-ish Octavia is pretty much “A Car” and not much more, its normalcy somewhat shadowing the quirkier cars the Czech manufacturer has churned out during its various eras. Luckily there have been some wonderfully weird Skodas over […]

The Car Collection of the Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin, Poland

The car museum in Szczecin, specifically known as The Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin, comes across as a genuinely interesting collection, partially based on a private donation of 150 vehicles. It is an extremely well curated mix of unique and odd prototypes, classics, strange motorcycles, trams and buses that will surely be remembered by […]

More than you ever wanted to know about Tatras – Technické Muzeum Tatra in Kopřivnice

On the English language car web, Tatra has gained a lot of attention and respect in recent years. From enthusiastic comments at Bring-A-Trailer to this now famous video of a Tatra 603 being raced through the Czechoslovakian mountains, there has been a fair bit of attention towards this historically important company. From basically designing the […]

The Car Collection of the Museum of Technology in Brno, Czech Republic

What we call “Eastern Europe” today has a long and proud tradition of car production. WW2 and the following Communist Accident stopped them from continuing to develop and fight for innovation neck to neck with other European companies who, eventually, became global behemoths. But car museums in the industrial part of Central Europe – Southern […]

One of a kind: Stalin’s Tatraplan 600 convertible

Stalin’s 70 birthday in 1949 was to be celebrated by every person and every entity in the newly established Soviet sphere. The leader of “all progressive humanity” was to be presented with something truly special from Tatra: A T600 based, hugely modified convertible. But, did he even ever ride in it? [Editor’s note – long […]

Star 266 goes off-roading

Star was a Polish truck maker in the communist era. The state-owned company made several versions of was then a rather heavy duty truck. Like most trucks, many models shared cabs but frames varied in strength, length, and capacities. Star, named after the city of Starachowice where truck were made since World War II, made […]

Fiat Cinquecento Sporting: Cheap, Awful, and not Sporting

Few weeks ago I traveled to Poland to see my father and spend some time with my extended family and some old friends. I also met up with my auto-jornalist friend Zbigniew Lomnik, also known as Zlomnik, also known by his real name, Tymon Grabowski. I have referenced his site many times on Hooniverse. In addition […]

Modern Classics Meet in Warsaw

Youngtimer Warsaw is a group of automotive enthusiasts who gather several times per year in Warsaw. Each event is a meet, cars-and-coffee type of a thing, where everyone can check out each other’s ride and shoot the shit. Dumb behavior, such as burnouts and racing, is strongly discouraged. This past weekend was their 2017 season opener at […]