Superformance and Magnaflow team up for Future Forty MkI GT40 inspired by current GT

This one is… interesting. On one hand, I love the work done by both Superformance and Magnaflow. We’ve driven a number of great Superformance continuation cars and fitted Magnaflow exhaust to our own project vehicles. On the other hand, a classically cool MkI GT40 doesn’t need a modern wing and oversized wheels to help it’s […]

SEMA 2017: New Classic Defenders and Land Cruisers

Retro-modding or throwback designs are all the rage now. Take an older, classic, vehicle and upgrade everything to modern standards and you get something really cool. It’s been done with American muscle cars, Porsches, and now classic 4x4s are becoming more and more popular. Two of the makers of these cool vehicles showed up at […]

SEMA 2017: Crate Engines, Turbo Four and Super Eight

2017 SEMA is officially under way and some of the biggest news today came directly from the automakers. Both Honda and Fiat-Chrysler made big news with the engines from some of their best performing new cars are now available as crate engines. Honda showed its 306-horsepower Civic Type R engine crate engine and Chrysler showed […]

Podcast: Episode 36 – Cameron Evans talks lubrication and ChumpCarSEMA Edition

It’s another special SEMA episode of the Hooniverse Podcast. This time our guest is Cameron Evans, the man behind Redline Oil and he wants to get you properly lubricated! …wait, that came out wrong, regardless he knows a lot about oil and he shares that knowledge with us. We quickly derail the conversation, however, because […]