Last Call: They Said I Could Be Anything…

…so I became a sailboat. And now I’m at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay. Kids, it’s important never to have ambitions. Last Call indicates the end of the Hooniverse broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

Caption this: Moments before a mauling next to your shiny 1930 Ford

Nothing says “Gerald, that’s a bad idea” like luring a young bear in the wilderness next to your Ford Sport Coupe, new for 1930! I’m no wildlife expert, but I’m pretty sure I know what’s about to happen here. We’re not exactly sure how this is going to sell cars—the ad copy (after the jump)—doesn’t address […]

Video: This is probably how it feels like to be a Miata

The funsters over at Mx5 International captioned a short clip from a MX-5 supercup race. Miatas are pretty personable with their friendly, dumb little faces, and this well-thought-out and a bit NSFW clip provides a realistic look into what goes through a MX-5 ECU at any given time.

Caption This: CNC Volunteerism Edition

Friend of Hooniverse and ace lensman Leo of CNC Automotive Event Pics passed this photo over to us, wondering what clever snark humorous captions the Hooni-hive mind could generate. So, go to it. [Image Source:]

Caption This: Factory "Rider" Busy "Riding"

Methinks the Spark 500 was not quite ready for production when this shot was taken. Or the Asiawing factory test rider just works his way up to riding the streets of Tai’an one small step at at time. [SOURCE:]

Caption This

  Suddenly, pounding Red Bulls for the fourth night in a row didn’t seem as fun as Billy imagined. [Source: steering wheel faces]

Caption This!

Cardboardetors… Did you mean: carburetors? image via: Kyusha Kai