2019 Ford Ranger touts ASS TORQUE

My good friend Leo (follow his Instagram here) went to the 2018 Overland Expo East. Ford was there showing off their new 2019 Ford Ranger. The Toyota Tacoma pretty much owns the mid-size pickup truck segment and is hugely popular with the outdoorsy types, so this was a good marketing move. In their advertising, Ford makes […]

Paying Tribute to My Motoring Roots

Who launched your passion for cars? For me it was my dad. Cars were definitely a thing growing up in the DeGraff house. When I was stroller-bound, my parents used to roll me down the street to the corner of of Brown Deer Road and Pelham Parkway to watch cars drive by, rain or shine, for […]

Because it's Monday: Let's Vicariously Assemble a Porsche 914 Engine

If you’re anything like me then you no doubt find engine assembly a fascinating endeavor to watch. Here we’re seeing a pretty unique effort take place, the assembly of a VolkswagenType 4 engine. A few factors make the flat-four engine design different from most others. First off, there’s the split crankcase which holds the crank and […]

Because it's Monday: Let's Gear Up

The reason I’m comfortable with having Hagerty as an insurer is because they really seem to get what the whole old car experience is all about. (Full disclosure: I insure my old cars through Hagerty, but they don’t pay me shit to link to their videos, I just think they’re stinkin’ cool.) Here we have […]

Because it's Monday: Let's Listen to This Hairy Henderson

In August of 1913, at age 22, Carl Stearns Clancy returned to his home in New York. This might not seem a particularly noteworthy fact until you discover that Clancy had been away from home for the better part of a year and during that time he had managed an 18,000-mile journey, circling the globe via motorcycle. This […]

Because it's Monday: Let's Watch a Bentley W12 Engine Being Put Together

I just love taking things apart and putting them back together. Well, to be honest, I really love just taking things apart. The putting together oftentimes befuddles me and I inevitably end up with a number of unidentifiable parts left over at the end. That’s why I find this video of craftsmen assembling the Volkswagen-engineered […]