Volume up! The Sound of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid switching from EV to gas mode

Like the Prius and as its name suggests, the Toyota TS050 Hybrid is a hybrid. It can run purely on it battery or on its ICE power, or combined. Like the Prius is makes funky noises. Except in the TS050’s cases those noises are dramatically funky. Volume up, fools! Watch until the end!

Listen to the sound of Aston Martin's naturally aspirated V12 Valkyrie

The sound of “THE” GREAT British car company! Thank you @Cosworth @redbullracing #AstonMartinValkyrie #NaturallyAspirated#V12 pic.twitter.com/HmEICj29uH — Andy Palmer (@AndyatAston) October 3, 2018 It sounds like it’s sitting in a room on a dyno. It also sounds amazing. There’s something wonderful about naturally aspirated engines, and it comes down to the aural adventure such a mill […]

Which car is the perfect Yacht Rock car?

Cars and rock music are inseparably linked. From the cars’ inception on drawing boards where music easily helps designers visualize a new car’s shape and form and purpose, to the marketing material where the car hits a floodlit stage or a sweeping road, to actually using the finished car for a quality time while blasting […]

Watch and listen as the Judd-powered SLK340 annihilates a hill climb

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9z_anzhl2U[/youtube] Europeans host some of the most fascinating hill climb events in the world. The routes organizers pick for these events are stellar, but the machinery that competitors turn up with are what really make them stand out. One of the newest creations that recently made its first debut is Team Meisel Motorsport’s “SLK340”, a […]

Watch and Listen as Formula 3000 Cars Take On a Hill Climb

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PYMQpyp2hE[/youtube] The hills are alive with the sound of 3000 cc’s. Typically, you only see open wheel cars racing on finely paved tracks and the occasional street circuit. The same is true for Formula 3000 cars which have become accustomed to racing on some of the world’s finest circuits in various championships since the 80’s […]

Goodwood FoS 2015: The Art Of Noise

Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Napier Railton. It is machinery like this which forms the very bedrock on which our total commitment to The Car is based. It’s only because of the work of clever chaps in oily overalls decades of years ago that Motorsport- and consequently fast cars- ever became a thing. We thank them. […]

Relive the glory of Formula 1's testing at Imola in 1994

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L33OxZSrJ0[/youtube] The San Marino Grand Prix of 1994 is known as one of the worst weekends in all of motorsport – certainly within Formula 1. That weekend (April 29 – May 1, 1994) earned its reputation with three horrific on-track accidents that claimed the lives of two drivers and nearly claimed a third. Rubens Barrichello […]

Video: The Sound of Senna by Honda

There have been plenty of tributes to the late great Ayrton Senna. Most are good, some are great, but occasionally they can border on truly wonderful. This latest tribute created by Honda is one such piece of wonder. The automaker used to supply the engine for Senna’s McLaren MP4/5, and they grabbed some of the […]

Dulcet Ducati Racer

Before Ducati was known for 90-degree twins with desmodromic valves, they were noteworthy for the jewel-like singles they built. The ’60s era 250-cc Mach 1, resplendent here in full bodywork was for a time the World’s fastest 250. As you can tell from the video after the jump, part of that may have been due […]

Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday- Lactose Intolerant Music Video

What better way to start hump day that with a kick-ass music video by Portland Oregon head bangers, Red Fang? Have you ever wondered just exactly how much one of these videos costs? Well, wonder no more because Red Fang breaks in down for you, and at the same time smashes a butt-load of crap […]