Admin Stuff: Trying to make this place move faster…

You may notice a bit of wonky displays, too many ads, and a few other issues. We just flipped the switch to move the site to a more streamlined frontend and backend. This in turn should help speed up page loading and other issues we’ve been having. Once that’s all sorted, we’re going to re-address […]

Site Upgrades/Updates – Some cleaning up is coming…

Ever since I “upgraded” the site a while back, it’s been nothing but headaches. The comment system continues to suck, the site loads poorly on both the front and backends, and I still get upset when I think about the amount of content that was lost when we switched to this new style. I do […]

New Blipshift Shirt: It’s Super-Duper Screamo Party Time!

hooniverse blipshift shirt

Do you like superchargers? I do. I think the original Mad Max film drilled it in my brain that when an engine has a hat that goes WHIRRRR good things happen. So on a recent drive of the Durango Hellcat, I shouted that the engine produces something called Super Duper Screamo Party Time. A viewer/reader […]

Comment System Update: We’re working on it…

So that was fun! The comment system I deployed allowed people into the backend of the site. I appreciate those of you who reached out and let me know. Thankfully, we flipped the switch on a low traffic day and I can’t see any torn guibos on the inside. Additionally, when someone logged in with […]

Hooniverse Housekeeping: Time for a new comment system?

Hooniverse used to be powered by the Intense Debate comment system. It worked well for a while. And then it stopped working well. So we moved to Disqus. That platform is used all over the Internet and it’s familiar. The problem is that it’s also a rather heavy load on our system, isn’t talking nicely […]

2022 Ford eTransit , an EV cargo van is here

Ford updated the Transit van this year with an all-wheel-drive system, color-matched bumpers, and lots of safety tech. Future Transit vans are going to have more powertrain options. Ford announced that the E-Transit is coming for the 2022 model year. The new EV vans will be constructed at the same plant as the rest of […]

Now’s the Time to spend Money on the Dark Side of the Hoon

Dark Side of the Hoon shirt

This shirt comes in any color you like, as long as it’s black. Say hello to our latest t-shirt design “The Dark Side of the Hoon”. This is a shirt I’ve wanted to produce for years now. I love Pink Floyd. I love the Hooniverse. Mash them up and we have this shirt right here. […]

An old style returns to our t-shirt lineup – Mechanics Only is back!

Mechanics Only t-shirt

We found the logo buried somewhere in the bowels of our crap-can BMW 6-series “race car”. It basically said, visually, that you shouldn’t be working on this part unless you’re a mechanic. We find that hilarious and curious at the same time, and we loved the logo enough to turn it into a t-shirt design […]

We’ve got a fresh batch of stickers!

Working with our friends at Blipshift, we’ve crafted up two new items for our partner store. We’ve got some fresh stickers available. This is the perfect item to slap on toolboxes, car windows, fenders, your neighbors forehead, boats, airplanes, and welding tanks. First up is a matte die-cut vinyl sticker that features the new stylized […]

All good things

On the right track. Approaching London by train

From time to time, my day job has me walking past my car and taking a seat on another german-built vehicle, but one with 2,080bhp and 280 seats.  I’ll then sit there for an hour or so, gazing out of the window with absolutely no involvement in the driving process, before bailing out at Stratford […]