Cars & Coffee: This Chevy Pickup Will Make You Smile

DSCN4724 My local Cars & Coffee meet-up is always an eclectic mix of sports cars, muscle cars and hot rods, and sometimes vehicles that challenge description. That was the case this past Saturday morning when this wild WWII-era Chevy pickup rolled into town. You’ve heard the expression that’s just crazy enough to work, well this duelly truck is over the top crazy, but amazingly, it all works. DSCN4705 Yes, it’s ratted out, but there is so much rich detail here that it’s far more than just the latest hot rod style de jure. First off, in reverse of tradition and all that is holy, this Chevy is Ford-powered. Yup, that’s a Ford flathead six on display under the cut-away hood. DSCN4706 Amazingly, that’s not the weirdest or most wonderful thing about this truck which is obviously intended to deliver miles of smiles. I’ll just let you discover some of the other crazy design elements that went into crafting this fun runner by yourself. And yes, those are traffic lights. DSCN4726 DSCN4725 DSCN4707 DSCN4709 Images: ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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