Cars and Coffee Montrose, March 27th, 2010

This past Saturday seemed to be Shelby day at Cars and Coffee in Montrose. And really, is that a problem?

Jump for the virtual walk around.

One of many Cobras, this example sports quite the signature collection and a fender hash, so you know it’s serious business.
Loved the fully stripped, slightly beat look this Mustang was sporting. Looking at the bare interior, the earplugs seem a wise inclusion to the standard traveling kit.
Evil Merc is Evil.
This black GT350’s deep black paint quite nearly sucked me in, never to return.
Given the real:fake ratio of Shelby Daytona Coupes, I’d bet on replica here. Does anyone care?
This beast rolled in and out pretty briefly. Apparently there were troops in need of transport, or something. Of course, we couldn’t resist checking out The good folks there will sell you a completely cleaned up Mil-spec hauler for surprisingly little money. This crew cab was a custom job that ran about $35k.
For some reason, VW Transporters always show up with stuff in the bed. Only VW pickups…
This truck belongs to the guy with the Lucky 8 Garage ’32 from last week. Apparently this is his regular spot. The Binder looks original from the outside but sports some drivetrain treachery that lets it cruise the highways with aplomb.
Challenger for sale! Why in Hell anyone would buy a new Challenger over this one (for an additional $10 grand, minimum) is entirely beyond me.
Here’s another track-ready Mustang. Take a look at the tires, if you’ve any doubt. Apparently Carroll orchestrates the team chili cookoffs?
It’s not all classics in Montrose. Tony the Tiger showed up with is R8.
Oddly enough, I stumbled across this Nash kustom back in December. It was parked across the street from a garage sale where I was doing a little Christmas shopping. Yes, the _Science clan does our Christmas shopping at garage sales. It’s for sale, too.
This Plymouth has likely made a fool of many a stoplight adversary. From the side, you can’t really tell how wide those rear tires are, or what evil lurks under the hood.
Whoever drives this ’65 Galaxie is a cool guy, or girl. Seriously…it’s just right.
This WWII-era Power Wagon fire truck got me all hot and bothered (I’m sorry, really…)
If you’d bought a copy of Merchants of Speed, you’d know who Barney Navarro is. If you paid close attention, you’d know the Navarro shop is mere minutes from Cars and Coffee. How can you go wrong with a blown flathead? You can’t, that’s how.
This silver early-50s Ford pickup was attracting quite the crowd. Keeping in mind that the typical GM Performance Parts 572ci crate wouldn’t impress many in this crowd, I sidled over. Individual throttle-bodied, fuel-injected…hemi? Whoa.
No idea what the deal is with this ‘Vette. Whether this is a real ALMS GT1 car, or some kind of clone or tribute wasn’t obvious. The interior looked a little too complete, the body to straight, and the brakes too basic for it be a real track car…but we’ve been wrong before. Regardless, that’s an awesome plate.
Typically touching cars at a show is frowned upon, but everyone kept coming up and rubbing the “bald spot” on the front of this Type 3. Apparently a mix of sanding and clear-coat left that paint-to-metal transition silky smooth. The exhaust note, “too much is just enough” tag and low-profile tires suggested shenanigans were afoot in that rear engine compartment.
I considered asking the owner of this car if he’d rent it to me. I hesitated, as sometimes my jokes don’t go over well at car shows. Instead I climbed all over it and took pictures.
UPDATE: If you haven’t clicked through on any of these pictures, be sure to check out the rest of our shots in the Flickr set here. There are more shots of each of these cars, along with a few I didn’t have time to mention.

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  1. Alan Avatar

    Holy shit @ that ITB'd Hemi Ford!

  2. CptSevere Avatar

    Wow, great stuff. The Plymouth, the Galaxie, the Nash are the shit, but I personally crave the 4WD Deuce and a Half, with a side of the Power Wagon fire truck. I've seen that Deuce on the interwebs before.

  3. engineerd Avatar

    My inner dragon is getting wore out today.

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    Jesus, that Hemi Ford truck is freaking radical!
    I find that if you employ the use of sarcasm at car shows, its a 50/50 split as to whether folks get it or not. Sadly, the only kind of conversations I can have are sarcastic ones.

  5. Black Steelies Avatar

    Wow, you sure do appreciate a nice Mustang rear-end, eh? I wanna see more pics of that first one. That looks like a black paint job done right– weathered… and I'm not even a Mustang 'guy'.

  6. RetroRCR Avatar

    The Hemi Ford Truck looks like the one Tim Allan has/had?

  7. Black Steelies Avatar

    That Hemi Ford truck is a lot like Tim Allen's truck…. Is it Tim Allen's truck??
    [youtube NfTP-zkHmK4 youtube]

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      5:18…. snotty

    2. RetroRCR Avatar

      Thanks for the video. I remember when it had the blower.

    3. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      That's it.

    4. Black Steelies Avatar

      i thought i recognized it. im surprised i found it so fast. i nvr hav such luck

  8. Tomsk Avatar

    I'm really, really, really, really, REALLY diggin' the Galaxie.
    Oh, and the 'Vette is a C6.R tribute built out of a Z06, IIRC. It's been in magazines, and I believe Corvette Racing wholeheartedly approves of it.

  9. Al Navarro Avatar
    Al Navarro

    Is that a child seat in the passenger chair of the first Cobra?
    Also, sadly, I am no relation to the Navarros of hot rod fame. I have thought about buying one of their heads as an objet.

  10. Balestra Avatar

    Daytona Coupé's are sexy sexy sexy. If only I could get a Factory Five replica shipped home….

  11. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Blarg…forgot to add the link to the Flickr Set:
    More pictures that what's here, and a few cars I didn't even mention.

  12. dmilligan Avatar

    Lots of lovely iron on display, I wish I could have been there. Thanks for all the great photos.

  13. CQU What a fantastic resource! -JI….

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