Cars and Coffee, Irvine: The McLaren P1 pays us a visit

The hypercar horsepower wars have been in effect and the streets are already hearing the dead silence of hybrid electric motors, and the roar of twin turbo v8’s and thundering V12’s. Cars and Coffee Irvine is a sight to behold for any enthusiast, no show is the same and there is always something interesting to see. And right by the coffee stand there is always a delight, the weekend before it was a lot full of Alfa Romeos. This past weekend McLaren of Newport Beach came in force and brought one of three McLaren P1’s in the United States. It is smaller than I first imagined and visualized from photos but it does have a lot of presence. Swooping and curvy lines are a plenty and was certainly a crowd pleaser. About a month ago Porsche brought a 918 Spyder to C&C Irvine and it equally brought a crowd to surround it. If money was no object (as it would have to be if you were a buyer of these machines), which hypercar would you take? [ Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Jason Connor]  

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