Cars and Coffee December 19th, 2009

Bright and Early.
Bright and Early.

After a brief rain and real-life induced hiatus, Hooniverse was back at Cars and Coffee, the informal car show put on way too early on Saturday Morning down in Orange County.
There were several Porsches and several Corvettes. Some were special, many were not. In our humble opinion, they should’ve parked directly across from each other and gotten into a massive fight. Would’ve given us something to talk about…

In place of the Country Sedan, we chose a more compact offering from Ford of the ’60s.
[nggallery id=33]
As long as we’re talking Ford, one of my favorite cars there was this Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt (or a really good clone?). When talking about stonking powerplants in midsize cars, the Thunderbolt takes the GTO’s lunch money five days a week.
[nggallery id=37]
Not a Ford, but Ford powered, this ’72 DeTomaso Pantera is easily the cleanest, classiest example I’ve ever seen. Typically, they’re some crappy ’70s mustard yellow with too many wings and air dams and the like. Not the case, here:
[nggallery id=34]
Using beautiful glossy black paint and powered-by-someone-else as a segue, this Studebaker caught our eye with its paint, but widened it with its powerplant. Bentley? Huh?
[nggallery id=35]
Venturing towards the rear of the lot, we saw this matte-gold painted, 24″ rimmed, non-functionally scooped Challenger, an exercise in subtle, understatement.
[nggallery id=36]
We chose to cleanse our eyes by checking out a nearby Mach 1, complete with Hurst-shifted 4-speed. While we were shooting, a “Macho T/A” TransAm cruised in. Mach-O Vs Mach 1, may the best overgrown pony car win!
[nggallery id=32]
If, while cruising around Southern California, a young man in a Mercedes Benz with odd headlights and an exhaust note that doesn’t seem quite right challenges you to a race, do not take him up on it. It could go quite embarrassingly for you.
[nggallery id=28]
In case you’re looking for another reason why the BMW e9 Coupes are so rad, I submit this 3.8CSi with four. headlight. wipers. That, and a 3.8L stroker motor constructed using almost all BMW parts from different years of the M30. You know a car’s awesome when it’s got its own website.
[nggallery id=27]
While we’re talking gorgeous Europeans, here’s some Ferrari pr0n. Notice anything funny about that 250?
[nggallery id=29]
At Hooniverse, we loves us some domestically-powered Euro-styled rides. Thus, two Isos and a Ghia L6.4:
[nggallery id=30]
Lastly, we noticed something funny in the bed of this VW pickup (awesome in its own right). Turns out it’s a VW-engined fire fighting water-pump. Guess that makes this truck rear and mid-engined!
[nggallery id=38]
…aaaaand here’s the miscellanea, including a sweet black/white NSX, Dora the Studebaker, and an Avanti:
[nggallery id=31]
Be sure to check out the much more extensive (and better shot) galleries over at, maybe even buy a few for that Chrysler 300 (the good ones) fan in your life.

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    The first time I saw a Pantera I was 6. I was immediately in love with the Italian-style lines and the Ford power. My dad said that in his day, the Ford Dealership in Albuquerque had a new one. I asked why he didn't buy it, and he responded that it was a bit out of his price range. I had no idea what inflation was when I was 6.
    NSX: Sex on wheels.

  2. scroggzilla Avatar

    That Ghia L6.4 is awesome….however, it needs a French, Chrysler-powered wing man
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      When someone brings a Facel Vega to CnC, I'll let you know.
      Crazier things have happened.

  3. LTDScott Avatar

    SoCal Hoons: Several of us are hoping to get together at CnC next Saturday, 12/26. I'll be taking my LTD.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      I'll be in SoCal for Christmas. Anyone planning on 1/2? If not, I can be talked into 12/26.

      1. LTDScott Avatar

        I'll only be available for 12/26, and I'm going there regardless of who else shows. Can't make 1/2.

      2. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        I'm gonna shoot for it. It's a matter of getting in from Temecula (at the inlaws), so it may be iffy.

  4. joshuman Avatar

    That Bentley-powered Studebaker is very nice indeed. The paint, it is so shiny.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      I'll say it is. That car just drips class. Like a guy in an immaculate suit and tie who is perfectly capable of kicking your ass down the street.

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