Car Shows- The Coolest Stuff From Last Saturday’s Z Store Z-Bash

DSCN4419 Did I mention yesterday how busy I was last weekend? Well I was. Following up on the Porsche show in Pasadena Saturday morning, I dropped down to the city of Orange to hit up Motorsport Auto – aka The Z Store – for their Z Bash in the strip mall parking lot. Was it as fancy as seeing the Porsches on the grass at Art Center? Well, no it wasn’t, but you can bet your L-series it was just as much fun. Come along for a sample of the coolness at the bash as well as a couple of surprises, right after the jump. DSCN4428 As you might imagine, the S30 was well represented, both in the parking lot and on the street, so limited was that parking in the lot and so great the attendance. I happen to love these little single marque shows because they tend to get the truly faithful. Your also get to see and compare multiple examples of the same car which is always fun, like with these two s30s. You might notice the license plate on this deep orange ’73 above. DSCN4427Now check out the plate on this orange ’70 that was next door. Related? You betcha. My Z is painted this color right now, but was originally the darker orange. I need to bless it with a respray but I can’t decide whether to go light or dark. Right now I’m walking towards the light. What do you think? DSCN4423 Or maybe I could go white. This heavily customized 240 is one of those surprises I hinted at in the opening. You like that hood bulge? Yeah, there’s a spare tire under there. The engine in this Z is out back. DSCN4422 DSCN4421 I don’t really know how I feel about this so I’m just going to leave this here and move on. Oh, and this is the car’s interior. DSCN4424 No, I don’t know what that’s out of. DSCN4443 The Z Store makes their living off of selling restoration and maintenance parts for all model of Z car, and there were plenty on display. What I need is the little door pull cap for the passenger side- you can see them about dead-center in this pic. I fought the temptation to spend money on Saturday however, mostly because my attention was drawn to a Nissan for which the Z-Store has little to offer which was a… DSCN4436 Patrol! DSCN4435 Yep, that’s a crank. We discussed those just last week. What are the odds? Of course this one’s just for backup in case the electric starter fails in its duty. DSCN4438 Hello Kitty! DSCN4437 This Patrol looks as clean under the hood as it does both outside and in. Thankfully, no Hello Kitty in here. DSCN4445 You know that in Japan the Z car, just like its roadster predecessor, was known as the Fairlady. I’d say that any car that could anchor a show as well attended as this – as well as an entire storefront and catalog seller like the Z Store, is more than just fair, it’s great. Images ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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