Car Shows- Some Things To Do This Weekend in L.A.

Sat-Sun Hey angelinos – or even near-by-erinos – what have you got on tap this weekend? Well, if your answer was nuttinmuch then here’s a couple of shows that you should think about attending. On Saturday the Z Store is holding their Z Bash, which they describe as ‘a one-day celebration of the Z-Car and the loyal fans of the West Coast Nationals.’ If you’re into Nissan’s venerated sports car and can make the trek to the City of Orange, then this is a can’t miss opportunity to see every generation, from S30 to Z34, and pick up some parts if that’s also a need. The Z Store is located at 1139 West Collins Avenue, Orange, CA 92867. More info may be had at their site, and a map to the locale can be found here. If your interests are less Land of the Rising Sun and more aligned with the empire upon which the sun supposedly never sets then you’ll want to attend Sunday’s parking in the park event, The Queen’s English Cars Show and Auto Jumble at Van Nuys’ Woodley Park. Running from 9 am until 4 pm, the annual oiling of the grass as I like to call it is an excellent opportunity to take in both the common – MGB, TR3, XKE, etc – and the obscure. And all of it was built in Jolly Olde! If you’d like to bring your own old Brit to show, check out the cost and entry info here. Maps and directions to the park are available here. I’m going to try and be at both shows, Saturday in my S30 and Sunday with the Jaguar Owner’s Club catting up the place in the morning. These are both typically great events, and the Queen’s English is one of the best opportunities in L.A. to see the best of Britain so I highly recommend that one if you’re in the area. UPDATE: Here’s yet another great event coming up this Saturday. The San Gabriel Valley Region chapter of the Porsche Club of America will be holding a Concours d’ Elegance at the Art Center College of Design which is located at 1700 Lida Street in Pasadena. Car placement starts at 7:30 and judging at 9:30. The Art Center Cafeteria will be open for lunch and tours of the Gallery will be offered starting at 1:00. For more info, click here. Image sources: The Z Store, ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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