Caption this: Two Chevy's, one hump edition

Since we don’t really have any memes of our own (that I can think of) I’m going to go ahead and coin the term Doin it Chevy-style.  Have at it in the comments.
Special thanks to CptSevere for the photo.


  1. "Hang on 'lil buddy, i will get us across this vast east Texas, west New Mexico wasteland. You just hold on tight…. uh, is that your driveshaft in my exhaust? That really is getting my gears going!"

  2. From the people who brought you Disney's Cars and the Oscar-Award Winning Brokeback Mountain

  3. So just let me introduce myself
    My name is Humpty, pronounced with an Umpty
    Yo Chevy's, how I like to funk thee
    And all the trucks without their beds, please allow me to bump thee
    I'm ridin tall, y'all
    And just like old Ned Beatty
    You gonna squeal when you park before me
    I like to drive, I like my exhaust note funky
    I'm spunky, I like my dirt roads bumpy

  4. Not sure about the 60-66s, but if they're like the 67-72s the bed wraps around the cab slightly to make the gap look tighter.

  5. Couldn't tell you, this is a photoshop predating a crew cab project, but there's several examples of custom built crew cabs on

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