Caption This: CNC Volunteerism Edition

Friend of Hooniverse and ace lensman Leo of CNC Automotive Event Pics passed this photo over to us, wondering what clever snark humorous captions the Hooni-hive mind could generate. So, go to it.
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  1. Having no soul, poor Ginger was forced to park on a separate row. As a Dailydriver, she was further shunned by the other orange cars.

  2. It was the Eberharts' first time attending Stepford, Connecticut's annual musclecar show.

  3. No matter how much they bargained…Chief Pontiac still turned his back on the offer from the "white devils" to trade eight stallions for his trunk full of "peace-pipe" herb.

    1. As I first started reading that, I thought it was going to say, "im in ur lot, blockin ur stangs."
      Thank goodness you didn't go there. One bad lolcats reference can ruin a comment thread for everybody.

  4. "…and then in '69 I was available with 250, 350, or 400 cubic inches, but they had different options that you get with them, and I came different colors too! Boy, were there a lot of options, I mean even my side markers changed at one point and then there were all the races and… are you guys still listening? Hello? Well, then I got a new steering column…"
    Poor Fred.

  5. If you wanna be one of the non-conformists, all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do.

  6. So there we were, just chilling out talking about "who's the Boss", when this little 'bird comes in and starts a row.

  7. I knew you guys would come up with some great quotes!
    I hope to contribute more stuff to the site later. I've been far too busy with school lately though.

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