Can a rally driver become a drifter?

Can a rally driver jump into a drift car and give it a go? Will the learned skills honed on gravel, snow, and tarmac transfer when you’re behind the wheel of a beat-to-hell Nissan 240SX? If you’re My Life As A Rallyist’s Ryan Symancek, then the answer is a smoky smooth yes.
Ryan trekked down to New Jersey’s Club Loose to try his hand at good ole skid racing. He borrowed a drift-prepped 240SX from Broken Motorsports and set out on the course. How’d he fare? You’ve got to watch the video, but a spoiler alert will tell you that the kid can wheel.

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2 responses to “Can a rally driver become a drifter?”

  1. Ol' Shel' Avatar
    Ol’ Shel’

    Hats off to this kid for creating this series. Initiative plus hard work is really paying off. So cool.
    And here’s proof that you don’t have to try to be entertaining to be very entertaining.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Absolutely – I’m a big fan of what Ryan has done with that series.

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