Calling all Surrender Monkeys and People Who Talk With Their Hands -Best of France & Italy Car Show this Sunday

Renaults on the grass
Renaults on the grass

French and Italian cars will invade Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA this Sunday from 9AM until 4PM. Citroëns, Lancia and Facels, oh my!

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area this weekend, you might want to stop by the verdant expanses of Woodley Park for the Best of France & Italy Car Show, taking place there on Sunday. In its 9th year, the Best of Show attracts an eclectic mix of Latin and Gallic metal, and this year promises to be be one of the best. When speaking with the organizers last night, they related that the number of pre-entries is the highest they have ever had, and they are looking forward to hosting more than 350 cars on the grass at Woodley.
Alfa owners let their freak flag fly!
Alfa owners let their freak flag fly!

Admission for spectators is free, and as it’s a pretty casual affair, no one will mind if you plop down on the periphery for a picnic lunch. An added bonus is that across the street from the show is the Woodley model airplane park, where you can watch some spectacular stunts performed by R/C airplanes and helicopters.
And, of course, never fear if you are unable to attend, as Hooniverse will have plenty of pictures from the show on the site next week.
Best of France & Italy

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    Huh. I talk with my hands, even while driving. All the surnames I can think of in my immediate ancestry are of British origin, though. Must be an environmental influence.
    Anyway, I'm glad they're all on that side of the country for two reasons: one, they won't immediately rust away, and two, I'm busy on Sunday anyway.

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