California Craigslist: "And I'd like to leave my Gran Torino to… my friend" – 1973 Ford Gran Torino

I am aware that Clint Eastwood’s character Walt Kowalksi, apart from being a racist old bastard on the outside with a heart of less racist old bastard on the inside, drove a 1972 Ford in the film Gran Torino. The car you see above is a 1973 Ford Gran Torino, but it fits the bill just fine for Fastback Friday. The seller leaves a bit to be desired, however, not from describing the quality of the car but because he or she dances around what it’s equipped with and how well it runs.

Still, the $13,000 asking price looks to be a great place to start bargaining for what could be a wonderful gateway drug into the world of muscle car ownership. This is no Pontiac GTO, it’s not a car the Duke Boys would envy, and it’s not the ride David Wooderson would use to cruise the strip searching for redheads. It is, however, an obtainable two-door fastback that appears to be in solid shape. The interior looks solid, the wheels look good, and the paint appears decent. These are just Craigslist photos, so it could be a pile of junk up close… but for $13,000 you can put on your bad-ass old man persona and tell everyone to stay the f**k away from your lawn.

See the ad here for more pictures. If it goes away, here is what the seller has written:

The most wonderful Car this side of the Mississippi, absolutely stunning, a sight to behold,
just lovely, immaculate, pristine, perfect, so nice, unbelievable. This car is amazing, one of a kind, 
rare as an endangered species 73,XXX original miles. Incredibly Rare 73 fastback. See to believe.

(310) 678-6994

[Source: Craigslist]

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