Fancy a Hellcat but none of the stock colors do it for you? Blue Pearl? Yellow Jacket? Plum Crazy Pearl? Four shades of gray? Go Mango? White Knuckle? None of those draw enough attention to your large and loud car? You want something really special?
Well, how about this rusted look?
There’s a lot of benefits to it. First, it is a fact that rust is lighter than carbonfiber, even visually. Second, why spend two winters in the deep north to achieve this look when you can have it today in Arizona?
This 2015 Challenger Hellcat with a proper manual transmission and only 13,000 miles is for sale at Arizona Chevy dealer for only $48,989. Oddly, the ad doesn’t mention anything about the paint or wrap, what ever the hell this is. Did someone trade it in for a Vette?