Buy this uber-rad Toyota Townace camper

It’s a glorious time in the automotive world. That’s a broad statement, but it applies heavily to imports that are finally legal to own and drive here in the USA. Now that so many are coming up on or passing the 25-year import law mark, we’re starting to see some truly amazing cars here on our home turf.

And we’re also starting to see some truly eclectic examples as well. It’s not just the forbidden-fruit sports cars that are hitting the streets, it’s the oddities: kei cars, trucks and vans. Even The Smoking Tire‘s own Matt Farah jumped on the craze and purchased a Mitsubishi Delica. And as the overlanding craze becomes even more popular, the popularity of the four-wheel-drive van market is growing even quicker.

The example for sale here is a 1991 Toyota Townace. It of course features four-wheel-drive, high and low range, a two-liter diesel engine, and five-speed manual transmission operated by a column shifter. That’s right: five on the tree. Equally weird is the setup of the cargo area, which can be configured a number of ways. It can be made to use as bench seating or can be folded into a bed– perfect for long trips when you don’t want to camp out in a tent.

Other items of note are overhead storage, a shower, and refrigerator. This Townace is a fantastic oddball of an overland platform, guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations anywhere it’s taken. And, of course, it’s right-hand-drive. All for the reasonable price of $19,000.

Toyota Townace

Toyota Townace

Toyota Townace

Toyota Townace

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  1. Finally, a campervan that the dogs can see out of! And it even has sliding windows at snout level!

  2. Note the word Town in the name, if you are not driving in a town (is not a city or freeway) you’re doing it wrong, at least for the normal TownAce. The 4×4 version probably shouldn’t be driven in towns either, just off-road.

    Slow, dangerous, noisy etc.

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