Buy this Land Rover Discovery to live those Camel Trophy dreams

Land Rover has a pure, holistic connection with off-roading. So much so that the brand is basically synonymous with four-wheel-drive vehicles. Even more so with the famed Camel Trophy. Though the manufacturer has swayed toward luxury as of late, the Rovers we know and love are those like the example we have here. Exactly like this one, in fact. This isn’t a standard Discovery. It’s not even a re-creation. This 1992 Discovery Camel Trophy is the real deal.

Should you want to live out your Camel Trophy fantasy, Doug Demuro’s Cars & Bids is currently offering this fantastic Discovery. It’s a real, legitimate model built by Land Rover Special Vehicles. The ad points out that it did compete in the event. In 1992’s Guyana competition, the 4×4 you see here was driven nearly 1,000 miles off-road. Team USA piloted it to a Team Spirit Award.

To get there, Land Rover took extensive measures. Heavy-duty suspension, off-road armor, and a Warn winch are all present. A roll cage adorns the interior while keeping passengers safe in the event of a roll-over. Dual batteries are present, as are Michelin XCL off-road tires. The half-shafts have been upgraded for heavy off-road use, and a roof rack completes the look. The list goes on. And on. And on. It’s a comprehensive build. As one would expect for this kind of use.

The Discovery’s 2.5-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder engine isn’t especially strong. It does, however, boast a manual, five-speed gearbox. It’s paired with a two-speed transfer case and a five-speed manual gearbox. Solid off-road bones. And it certainly looks the part.

This amazing truck only has around 18,500 miles and looks to be in great shape. Hop over to Cars & Bids to follow the auction and see the 224 (!) photos. And don’t hesitate to make an offer of your own. I’ll be over here doing everything I can to not buy it myself.

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2 responses to “Buy this Land Rover Discovery to live those Camel Trophy dreams”

  1. danleym Avatar

    I owned a Disco for a few years. Mostly because of these trucks- never got very far down the modification road, honestly I just didn’t fall in love with it and moved on to something else, but I still really, really like the look of a fully build Disco.

    But owning an actual Camel Trophy truck- that would be hard. Because it can obviously get it done off road, but would you really want to take it down a trail?

  2. Slow Joe Crow Avatar
    Slow Joe Crow

    If the price stays halfway reasonable this would be a good alternative to a built up original Defender since their prices are insane. Plus the cool factor of an actual expedition vehicle

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