Everything is cancelled in motorsports for the next few months so the racing community has turned to the sims to get their fix. Today in particular was supposed to be the 12 Hours of Sebring until that got pushed back to November. Fortunately, there’s no global pandemic in iRacing so the lads behind the Dinner With Racers show are putting on a 12 Hour race of their own… and we may have registered for it.

The DWR 12 Hours of Pooper Sebring is a show you won’t want to miss. Hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman will be keeping viewers busy with special segments and interviews of pro drivers and others in the industry. There’s also a race in the background… which you absolutely won’t want to miss. Because you see, this isn’t a normal 12 Hours of Sebring with sports cars and prototypes. It’s a mix of cars that were never meant to be driven together, especially at Sebring. It’s going to be a shit show in the best way possible. Why? Because we’re in the trophy truck. And we will be sharing the track with MX-5s, Audi TCRs, HPDs, Indy Cars, Sprint Cup Cars, and dirt sprint cars.

If you’re bored with literally nothing to do today, follow our team’s stream and watch the official broadcast right here. It’s sure to be a good time. (And if the link to the stream doesn’t work, it’s because they’re restarting the stream occasionally. Check the YouTube page here.)