2022 ford raptor

Build your own 2022 Ford Raptor

The 2022 Ford Raptor configurator went live today. You should now kill an hour of your day building a Raptor to your spec. Unlike the previous generations, it’s only available in the SuperCrew four-door version, and that’s a good thing. The SuperCab of previous years was tight on space, especially if you had people sitting back there and had a much smaller fuel tank, requiring frequent fill-ups.

Prices start at $$65,840 with destination. If you click off all the boxes you’ll get to almost $90k. Ouch. For reference, the Ram 1500 TRX starts at $72,020 with destination and can easily cross the $90k mark.

2021 Ford F-150 Tremor

But wait! There is more. The configurator for the Ford F-150 Tremor is also up now. The Tremor, previously a Super Duty package is a stand-alone model on the F-150. It focuses on off-road ability while mainlining a reasonable $51,845 starting price. But don’t think of the Tremor as Raptor Light. The Tremor actually has a higher towing capacity (10,900 lbs) and payload (1,885 lbs) than the Raptor (8,200 lbs and 1,400 lbs).

Have fun playing with those. The new F-150 seems to be awesome vehicles – there is a model for everyone and for almost every budget. Now only if supplier shortages were not keeping them from getting to dealer lots.

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4 responses to “Build your own 2022 Ford Raptor”

  1. danleym Avatar

    Slight tangent:

    I recently went to the Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. The Park Rangers were all driving Raptors. Suddenly being a Park Ranger is much more appealing…

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      I’ve personally always thought being a park ranger sounded appealing. I much prefer the outdoors to a damned laboratory. Sometimes I wish my younger self had been led more by passion than practicality.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    The Tremor looks far more appealing, and more practical. I have to admit, the Raptor is a bit too ostentatious for my tastes. I’m sure some people use them for legitimate tasks, but for the most part they seem to be a lifestyle symbol for people without such a lifestyle. At least, the ones I see appear to get little use apart from commuting. Likewise, most Jeep Wranglers I see are driven by privileged teenage girls pretending to have an adventurous side.

  3. ward rose Avatar

    The Tremor appears to be lot more attractive and functional. I must admit, the Raptor is a little too flashy for my liking. I’m sure some individuals use them for good purposes cookie clicker, but they appear to be mostly a lifestyle signifier for others who do not lead such a lifestyle. Apart from commuting, the ones I’ve seen look to be hardly used. Similarly, the majority of Jeep Wranglers I see are driven by rich adolescent females who pretend to be daring.

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