2022 ford raptor

Build your own 2022 Ford Raptor

The 2022 Ford Raptor configurator went live today. You should now kill an hour of your day building a Raptor to your spec. Unlike the previous generations, it’s only available in the SuperCrew four-door version, and that’s a good thing. The SuperCab of previous years was tight on space, especially if you had people sitting back there and had a much smaller fuel tank, requiring frequent fill-ups.

Prices start at $$65,840 with destination. If you click off all the boxes you’ll get to almost $90k. Ouch. For reference, the Ram 1500 TRX starts at $72,020 with destination and can easily cross the $90k mark.

2021 Ford F-150 Tremor

But wait! There is more. The configurator for the Ford F-150 Tremor is also up now. The Tremor, previously a Super Duty package is a stand-alone model on the F-150. It focuses on off-road ability while mainlining a reasonable $51,845 starting price. But don’t think of the Tremor as Raptor Light. The Tremor actually has a higher towing capacity (10,900 lbs) and payload (1,885 lbs) than the Raptor (8,200 lbs and 1,400 lbs).

Have fun playing with those. The new F-150 seems to be awesome vehicles – there is a model for everyone and for almost every budget. Now only if supplier shortages were not keeping them from getting to dealer lots.

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7 responses to “Build your own 2022 Ford Raptor”

  1. danleym Avatar

    Slight tangent:

    I recently went to the Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. The Park Rangers were all driving Raptors. Suddenly being a Park Ranger is much more appealing…

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      I’ve personally always thought being a park ranger sounded appealing. I much prefer the outdoors to a damned laboratory. Sometimes I wish my younger self had been led more by passion than practicality.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    The Tremor looks far more appealing, and more practical. I have to admit, the Raptor is a bit too ostentatious for my tastes. I’m sure some people use them for legitimate tasks, but for the most part they seem to be a lifestyle symbol for people without such a lifestyle. At least, the ones I see appear to get little use apart from commuting. Likewise, most Jeep Wranglers I see are driven by privileged teenage girls pretending to have an adventurous side.

  3. ward rose Avatar
    ward rose

    The Tremor appears to be lot more attractive and functional. I must admit, the Raptor is a little too flashy for my liking. I’m sure some individuals use them for good purposes cookie clicker, but they appear to be mostly a lifestyle signifier for others who do not lead such a lifestyle. Apart from commuting, the ones I’ve seen look to be hardly used. Similarly, the majority of Jeep Wranglers I see are driven by rich adolescent females who pretend to be daring.

  4. Brook Avatar

    Raptor is one of the best camping/outdoors pickups out there in my opinion( on pair with Tundra). Fits pretty much all the stuff you would need for 2-3 people(I’m talking stuff like tents, stoves and rest of the survival gear https://gritroutdoors.com/outdoor-survival/ you might need while camping). On top of that it basically can get through any terrain(except for extreme ones, but why would you want to go there by car to be fair). The only downside with Ford usually is a waiting period – compared to Jeep or said, Toyota, it takes ages to get your custom one(at least was for me).

  5. Rhys Hennah Avatar
    Rhys Hennah

    I would like to get one speed out

  6. flagle Avatar

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