My daughter will be five in a few months time. She’s quite a bit away from an age where I need to worry about her driving. Still, I think about random stuff like this and I’m curious what her first car will be.

What makes a good first car? Something economical, certainly. But also a vehicle that’s safe. You have to walk the line between those two, leaning as much towards safety as you can afford. Thankfully, most cars produced in the last few years are incredibly safe. So well-maintained used cars of the future should be great for first-time drivers.

Still, I’d like to believe my daughter also won’t want something boring. To that end there are a number of cars that could be a great first car. Maybe a Volkswagen GTI or a Subaru Crosstrek? Perhaps some fancy used wagon will be dirt cheap in the future and she will inherit my love of the longroof. Regardless, I hope it will be an enjoyable process for both of us and she gets something her mom and I deem safe and affordable… and she loves to drive.

Maybe my own wagon will be done by then? Regardless, what do you think would be a good first car for someone now, or 10+ years from now?