Bentley's First SUV: The Dominator

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At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Bentley rolled out the EXP 9 F Concept. It was their way of previewing a new SUV that would be coming out within the next few years. But this concept also marked Bentley’s second SUV ever built. Wait… second?


Back in 1994, the Sultan of Brunei (once considered the richest person in the world) commissioned Bentley to build him a wide range of vehicles; sedans, wagons, coupes, cabriolets, one-offs, and a SUV. Well, six SUVs to be precise. Bentley took up his order and began work on the SUVs in 1996. Their starting point with the SUV, known as the Dominator, has long rumored to be the third generation Range Rover. The most likely reason why the Range Rover was picked was due to it meeting all the requirements needed for this project.

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Everything else on the Dominator SUV is custom built. The body carries many cues from Bentley’s Java Concept shown at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show. The front end has a short, upright grill, unique headlights and raised bumper. The back has split tail gate.

Besides this, that’s all we really know about the Dominator. No one besides the Sultan of Brunei and Bentley knew about the existence of the vehicle until a few years after the six Dominators were built. Autocar got their hands on some spy shots of the Dominators being loaded onto an airplane, and thus the secret was revealed.

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