The Millen family owns yet another record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Rod Millen has achieved the fastest overall time up the mountain five times and Rhys has also been fastest overall twice.

In the last two years, Rhys has set the fastest production car record with Bentley Motors and the fast production SUV time. Rhys and the Bentley Bentayga achieved the time of 10:49.9 for the SUV record in 2018. The Bentayga’s W12 helped to propel the SUV at an average of 66.5 mph up to 14,115 feet.

Bentley Bentayga sets record at Pikes Peak

This year, Rhys tackled the familiar task with a Continental GT liveried to celebrate “100 Extraordinary Years” for Bentley Motors.

Continental GT Breaks Record at Pikes Peak

Rhys and the Continental GT beat the previous production car record by 8 seconds, achieving a time of 10:18.488. The Continental was able to average 70 mph over the length of the course. Being that the Continental was a production model, it still was required to pass the safety requirements for the race. Rhys did not complete the race in full Bentley comfort but was in a race seat surrounded by a roll cage.

Continental GT Breaks Record at Pikes Peak

W12 For the Win

The Continental GT used a W12 engine, which Bentley claims is the world’s most advanced 12-cylinder engine. The power output delivers 626 horsepower and 664 lb. ft. of torque. The Continental drives all four wheels through an 8-speed ZF gearbox, which is still considered one of the best in the industry. The drivetrain played a major role in the Continental setting the record on Sunday because of the mixed weather conditions of rain, snow, and dry sections throughout the 5,000 feet of elevation change.

Kudos to Bentley on taking their production cars to the mountain. Here’s hoping that more manufacturers go racing too. Last year’s record allowed Bentley to sell a Limited Edition of the Bentayga honoring their achievement.

Bentayga Pikes Peak Limited Edition with Record Breaker

The Continental GT is really a good looking car. Especially when it’s not lime green. I’d drive one.

Bentley Continental GT