Because it's Monday: Let's See What it Once Took to be a Car Hop

Bob’s Big Boy was once an institution in Southern California. Founded by Bob Wian in 1936, the chain’s eponymous three-bun hamburger proved to be a hit for both sit-down dining as well as in-car service served by a bevy of carhops. Those were so named because they would hop from car to car like hotel bellhops would jump at every ding of the bell. Did you ever wonder what it took to become a Bob’s carhop? Well, this vintage training film from 1957 gives you an example of the steps required of this fading profession.
Here we get to meet Eve, a chipper young woman who has both the fortitude and the moxie to shuttle trays of wholesome quickly prepared fried fare from restaurant to parking slot with a smile on her face and not a bun out of place. Seeing as this kind of car service isn’t all that common anymore—Bob’s in Burbank CA (the oldest still running) still offers it on Friday and Saturday evenings—it’s fun to see what it once took. Since it’s Monday, and maybe say you don’t like football, check it out. Oh and keep the change.
Source: Please Flash Lights for Service on Facebook
H/T LAist

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4 responses to “Because it's Monday: Let's See What it Once Took to be a Car Hop”

  1. desmo Avatar

    Bob’s Big Boy was reason why I always thought that L.A actually was Springfield from The Simpsons.
    Because Lard Lad.

  2. nanoop Avatar

    While it’s quirky acting, many things are still true. I somehow hoped that Mister Regular kicked in as a comic relief of the claustrophobic aspects of that era…

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