Be so satisfied in your Rocket 69

[youtube][/youtube] I love Fallout. When I first played Fallout 3, it was clear that I missed out massively the first time that game came around. It made me dig deeper into the brand’s past and find out more about 1, 2, and New Vegas. I’ve played them all, and I’m currently many hours deep into my play through of Fallout 4. Wandering the wastes of Boston, you see all manner of wrecked and discarded pre-fallout vehicles. One of them is the Chryslus Rocket 69. It’s a sleek, be-finned beauty that gets its power from a micro fusion setup. It’s got one gear, a joystick for control, and is capable of hitting 200 miles per hour. Also, it’s not drivable in Forza. Turn10 Studios and Bethesda have teamed up to offer the Rocket 69 has a bit of free extra content. If you own either game, you’ll get a code for a free download of the car. Now, of course, you’ll need to have Forza already to be able to use the car but if you like video games and Hooniverse, there’s a decent chance you already have the game. I love it when cars and my favorite videos games collide. War never changes, but Forza and Fallout get better with each new bit of downloadable content made available.

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