BaT is selling a straight-up dream machine, and I want itOld Land Rover content ahead

BAT Series IIA
If you’ve been reading Hooniverse for awhile, you know that I have a painful aching to own an old Land Rover. This is certainly a terrible idea, as I can barely wrench on my own old Ford. Turning wrenches on an old British farm tool would no doubt result in all of my hair falling out, my brain bleeding, and my eyes falling out of my head.
None of that bothers me (ok, the hair part does a bit) and I want an old Land Rover… and of course I’ve found the perfect one for me on Bring A Trailer. Hell, it’s their own damn vehicle and they’re putting it up for auction.
This is a 1962 Land Rover Series IIA. It’s been restored and the green paint looks great. Most importantly, however, is the 4.8-liter Vortec V8 mounted under the hood. This is very nearly what I’d want to do with an old Landie anyway. Find a clean one, swap in a V8, and have myself a budget version of that Twisted Defender I can’t afford.
The problem is that I can’t afford this one either. It’s already sitting with a bid of $33,000 and there are still five days to go. If my truck were worth it, I wouldn’t even hesitate to swap it straight up for this Rover. I love my truck dearly… but this is one of my dream cars.
[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]

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  1. Monkey10is Avatar

    Series addiction.
    Serious problem.

  2. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    But but… no Rover V8?

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.

      That’s for later, when it becomes a project truck. Right now, it’s got 8 perfectly serviceable combustion chambers connected to the loud pedal. More than good enough, in this case.

  3. Fred Talmadge Avatar
    Fred Talmadge

    The only way to get it out of your head is to buy one. No matter what you will have fun.

  4. CraigSu Avatar

    If it belongs to BaT why is it wearing Alaska plates?

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