Barrett-Jackson embraces Radwood with this most excellent video

Radwood ventured into the neon glitz of Las Vegas. The wonderful traveling circus brought its ideal time capsule to Nevada, which means a glut of fans of the 80s and 90s came as well. Porsches, Corvettes, Ferraris, BMWs, and so much more rolled into Sin City to share the love.

Barrett-Jackson’s video team was on hand as well, and they managed to turn out a slick edit from the event. Sure, pretty much everyone goes for the same stylized cliches when creating video content around Radwood, but how can you not? And this one is done quite well. The music is perfect. Those edits are clean and period correct. Overall, though it’s short, this is one of the better Radwood videos we’ve seen.

There’s a perfect shot in there too. A young lady leans against a red Ferrari. In the distance, a perfect line of palm trees cut through the background creating a visual lesson in the rule of thirds. That’s all bookended by cars for fans of all brands, including a rather unique Datsun that will also grab your attention.

Pop on your headphones. Turn up the volume. Click play and enjoy Barrett-Jackson’s take on Radwood Vegas.


    1. As a Millennial, I feel comfortable saying we’re the next Baby Boomers, so yes, probably (I’m still fully here for Radwood, mind you).

    2. As a Millennial, I feel comfortable saying we’re the next Baby Boomers, so yes, probably (I’m still fully here for Radwood, mind you).

      1. Aren’t these sorta Gen Xs cars? Or does the obsession with 80s pop culture an 90s Nostalgia overrule that? You’re kinda the new boomers alright in terms of shere numbers which I’m not sure will pan out well for those of us caught in the generational conflict sandwich.

        1. I first started reading car magazines at 5, in ’91, so this is squarely in my childhood nostalgia zone.

          Also, generations are admittedly fuzzier than we make them out to be.

          1. Yeah, plus they predict the behaviour of groups rather than individuals. Anyway I better go back to my daily quota Gen X things, gotta hit those being cynical, nihilistic and wondering why everyone insists on doing things as a group KPIs

  1. My Mac must be lacking a required plug-in, because the video won’t play for me. Had to pull it up on Vimeo.

    1. Weird. Or your computer is allergic to Facebook videos, which is fine too.

  2. Got to admit though, those randomized synthosounds hit right home for my part. Nostalgia is real and there’s always someone waiting to exploit it. Barrett-Jackson’s business model.

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