BareMetalHW turns a clean car into a Mad Max buggy

BareMetalHW usually takes a crusty old Hot Wheels toy and turns it into fresh look scaled-down awesome. Today, however, we’re moving in the opposite direction. The host takes a Dune Chaser and makes it something that George Millar would be proud to see blasting across a hellish desert landscape.
The Dune Chaser is a metal-on-metal toy so it serves as a good platform to take on the faux weathered beating that it’s about to receive. Panels are beat up, fake rust is applied, and then a pair of guns are added because you need some post-apocalyptic firepower in this universe. The frame is extended and the builder even makes use of a 3D printer to complete his vision.
Click play and drift into an oddly soothing look at this Hot Wheels transformation.

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2 responses to “BareMetalHW turns a clean car into a Mad Max buggy”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    Pimp my ride for enthusiasts of miniatures, with a reptile fetish?

  2. MattC Avatar

    It is one on my go to oddly soothing YT channels. I highly recommend watching it.

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