Autorama 2010

Saturday was a productive day at casa de Schmo.  I spent the better part of the morning tinkering with Eleanor.  Heck, I still have grease under my fingernails.  The latter part of the day I braved 50 degree temperatures and huge crowds to drag my two Hoons-in-training around the Sandy Expo Center for Utah Autorama. 


They were remarkabley well-behaved despite the fact that they both thought the main reason we went was to buy them a bunch of overpriced junk. 
There was a lot to see there but as is typical with your large car shows, classic Camaros and Mustangs were everywhere.  I decided to forego all but a few examples of those and focus on the cool/unique/weird stuff.  There was probably the largest gathering of classic Cobras I have ever seen in one place as well.  The GMC pictured above was probably my favorite vehicle there.  Everything about that truck is just so money.
Another notable vehicle is this monster that gets my vote for Post-Apocalyptic Taco Truck:
Say hello to my little friend!

This should help out with the scale of the beast.  When the zombie hoards come looking for brains, rest assured this guy won’t think twice about driving up and over the mob with his wife, six kids, and 3 dogs safely in the back.  Even still, I’m sure there was enough room for a bathroom and kitchen in the back.  It would, however be a shame to get blood and guts all over those shiny bumpers. 
I will leave you with one other notable photo before the gallery.  Enjoy!

[imagebrowser id=50]

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  1. SSurfer321 Avatar

    I assume photo #3 of 37 is included to show how NOT to customize a Mustang?
    Scissor doors on classic = fail
    Triple strip down center = fail
    Painting it bright cream corn yellow = fail

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      I agree, it's hideous. It's sad to see a nice car raped like that.

  2. Ambersand Avatar

    Some of those cars are insanely beautiful in a quirky, off center way … I really hope I get to go when Autorama is around. Great job taking pics!
    Notable mention – Photo 4, I must have that stool, attached to a monster radio flyer on big gummies and I would like to take this to the Pomona swap meet and there would be much rejoicing because I would be the first one in every line to buy up all the magnesium gasburners. Woohoo!
    Also, Photo 21 – APPROVED!
    Photo 22, someone needs to be kicked in the um taint for even thinking to do that to an oval…orange paint be damned.

  3. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    So much pu$$y-magnet yellow assembled in one place…! How's a lead-footed overcompensating douche-bag supposed to choose…?
    And PS — Your boys are absolutely adorable photo props…!

  4. CptSevere Avatar

    I like the rod with the straight eight. I'm guessing it's a Packard engine. I have no clue as to why it has seven carburetors, though. I suspect that only two are functional, although they might be the primaries, with choke linkages, and the rest are secondaries. Whichever, it's still one unique ride.

  5. Sumtingwong1 Avatar

    The owner of that pickup with the artificial patina should be cock punched, repeatedly. Failing that, car shows should hire Terry Tate to stand at the entrance at set up time to mow down these poseurs.
    Painted on rust? It's the automotive equivalent of buying your jeans with holes already in them. Go to Arizona and pick up some sun-baked steel, because it'll cost you about the same as having somebody paint it on, since you're so into "acquiring" a look, you douche.
    \\Rant off.

    1. Ambersand Avatar

      See and that's my favorite simply because I know it won't continue to rust and eventually fall apart on me. I give the guys kudos for the ingenuity to bring function to form. Just sayin'.

      1. Sumtingwong1 Avatar

        There was a segment on Power Block this weekend covering a how-to on this very look.. Personally, I would bet money that this truck will be repainted immediately when the next fad comes along. I doubt it will have time to rust.

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