Automobiliac Brings You ELFs Year Round!

ELF racing poster
No, that’s not a typo as we’re not talking about Nordic folks of diminutive stature. We’re talking about a French oil conglomerate. Back in the Last Automotive Golden Age, they did what any remotely automotive-related company with lots of money should do: sponsored racing! As we all know 1970s racing produced no shortage of kickass imagery, an Elf capitalized on that with a series of posters featuring their Matra and Alpine teams. Automobiliac, winner of the best blog header banner, has decided to share the series as a weekly feature.

Below is a cropped mashup what’s coming in the series. They run a new shot every week, so be sure to stop by. While you’re there, don’t miss their collection of Mangusta Racers…aye…me gustan.
ELF Racing Poster Scans – Automobiliac
Elf Racing poster collection

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