An Afternoon with Dennis Collins – His Collection in His Own WordsPart 2

This is the second article in a series covering an afternoon long interview with Dennis Collins of CB Jeep, Black Mountain Jeep Parts, and the hit Discovery Channel T.V. series Fast N Loud.  Throughout the course of the interview, I was able to ask Mr. Collins about his business, his life story, and most prominently, […]

An Afternoon with Dennis Collins: Part One – Building Jeeps and Setting World Records

  As my photographer Javier and I waited anxiously outside of Collins Brothers Jeep for Dennis Collins to arrive, I couldn’t help but feel a flurry of nervousness.  In my experience as a journalist I’ve been able to meet some incredible people and drive some incredible cars, but I’ve never had the experience of spending […]

Intercity Lines Inc. keeps the automotive world moving

We’re all familiar with the concept of the “unsung hero”.  A good hearted, heroic soul who makes selfless sacrifices for the betterment of the story, all the while remaining in relative obscurity without recognition or thanks.  To be an unsung hero is, perhaps, the most difficult position a character can find themselves in, but also […]

2016 Vanderhall Laguna Roadster: More Than a Toy

The automotive world is changing.   Electric cars have ranges of almost 400 miles, hyper cars are hybrids, and autonomous driving technology is available to the general public.  In our modern, millennial minded world it is not enough for a vehicle to simply be good; it has to be different. To stand out from the crowd […]