The False Neutral Podcast #104 – Everybody’s Wrenchin’


This month we catch up on what your three hosts have been up to. Eric’s been testing a new Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT. Meanwhile, Pete and Garrett have been busy in their workshops. It seems that everyone else has been, too — we discuss the current shortage of used parts and used bikes, thanks […]

Gadget Review: TechBrands Wireless GPS Speedometer

With two ongoing motorcycle projects in my garage, I’ve been reading and thinking about gearing versus vehicle speed a lot lately. With those thoughts comes the keen awareness that old-school mechanical speedometers can be wildly inaccurate, and even many modern OE digital speedometers have a built-in “fudge factor.” The proper tool for accurately determining vehicle […]

The False Neutral Podcast #103 – Johnny Lewis of Royal Enfield’s Slide School


We’re very excited to have flat-track racer, teacher, fabricator and all-around evangelist Johnny Lewis joining us this month. Johnny runs the Moto Anatomy training facility. He recently hooked up with Royal Enfield’s flat-track program to create the Royal Enfield Slide School and participate in RE’s Build-Train-Race project. Along the way, he has been teaching flat […]

The False Neutral Podcast #102 – Off Road with Ross Ballot


This month Eric and Pete are joined by fellow Hooniverse podcaster Ross Ballot, one of the hosts of Off The Road Again, Hooniverse’s newest podcast that focuses on 4x4s and all things off-road. Ross is an avid ATV’er. On this episode, we compare and contrast side-by-sides and ATVs, discuss how they’ve inherited many of the […]

The False Neutral Podcast #101 – More Two Stroke Love


This month there’s a lot going on in our workshops. Pete’s doing his usual hacking, and Garrett is doing his usual professional-level restoration work. Along the way, our discussion leads to all three of us fawning over how great two-strokes sound. Again. This episode even incorporates an audio clip. [Please comment on how much you […]

The False Neutral Podcast #100 – Hitting The Ton


Despite the Coronavirus lockdown, all three hosts managed to do some cool stuff with and to their bikes this past month. After updating each other on our workshop activities, we discuss how dealerships are surviving the shutdown, and what bike bargains are out there that we are not taking advantage of, and the fate of […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #99 – I’m Not Cool Enough For This Party

The False Neutral Podcast Ep. 99

It’s just your three regular hosts this month, and we update you on our projects (and workshop spaces) extensively before going on to talk about electric bikes, then a couple of new bikes including the BMW R18, Harley Pan-American, and the Indian FTR Rally. As always, photos of all the bikes/planes/hot air balloons we discuss […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #98 – Bree Poland of Royal Enfield N.A.


This month, Eric and I talk with Bree Poland. Bree has a fascinating personal motorcycle odyssey, from riding dirt bikes as a kid, to umbrella girl, to owning her own supersport road racing team, and finally to her current position as Senior Marketing Manager for Royal Enfield North America. We talk not only about Royal […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #97 – Gettin’ Rad With Brad


Our old friend Bradley Brownell is seemingly everywhere on the Internet nowadays, including Jalopnik, Radwood, and a bunch of other media outlets. This month your three hosts talk to him about the Indian FTR1200, the Scout Bobber, Radwood, and his mini-travel-trailer project. It’s a great episode; give it a listen! False Neutral – Gettin’ Rad […]