False Neutral Podcast #117 – New Bikes for 2022


After a quick update on our current projects, we talk about the new bikes for the upcoming 2022 model year from Suzuki, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, and others. Along the way, we explore a couple of rumored models. We wrap up with our takes on a couple of mid-year 2021 releases. As always, you can check […]

“The Bride” has an engine

Well, my CVT bike is coming together more quickly than my other projects. I had to cut the frame and weld in custom-bent down tubes, and I have finished the engine mounts.

False Neutral Podcast #116 – Hurricanes & Speed Holes


This month’s episode discussion starts off with a question from a listener, then bounces between our projects and various other motorcycles, both new and old. Along the way, Garrett fills us in on his new laser engraver, and we discuss some of the YouTube bike videos we’ve been enjoying lately. The Ari & Zack YouTube […]

False Neutral Podcast #115 – The Return of ‘What’s The Ask?’


We had a lot of fun recording this month’s episode, and we think you will really enjoy listening. As always, we start with our Workshop Update. Garrett has finished upgrading not one workshop space, but two. Pete had surprising success with the flux-core (gasless mig) welder we discussed with Mike Festiva in Episode 111. Afterwards, […]

False Neutral Podcast #114 – Trevor Daley of One Speed Racing


Our guest this month is Canadian Superbike racer Trevor Daley, who is also the driving force behind One Speed Racing. Trevor has the unusual distinction of being an accomplished fabricator for both the racing and custom scenes. We talk with him about how aesthetics and performance intersect for him and his customers. Along the way, […]

False Neutral Podcast #113 – Motorcycle Credit & Financing


The focus of this month’s episode is less on building motorcycles and more on buying them. We discuss BMW’s balloon-payment financing model, how special financing deals can make a brand-new vehicle more attractive than buying used, depreciation, and the wisdom of paying cash. After that, we wrap up by discussing new bikes that might get […]

The Franz Flyer is the best sounding thing you’ll hear today

The sound of a V8 on the boil can be intoxicating. Here’s one that is probably the least powerful you’ll see, but it’s still amazing. The video quality is not the best, but the exhaust note makes up for it. Denny Franz is a master machinist who loves multi-cylinder bikes. After building a 700 cc […]

Two-Wheel Tuesday: Meet “The Bride”

Longtime Hooniverse readers know that I’ve been building a Bultaco-engined custom street bike for the last decade or so. Along the way, there were tons of false starts, second-guessing, and revisions. As a result, I had a lot of cast-off parts I had purchased for that project filling the shelves of my rather cramped workshop. […]

False Neutral Podcast #112 – Yes, We Do Talk About Bikes (Eventually)


This month’s conversation encompasses a lot of topics beyond just motorcycles. We discuss boats, trailers, pickups & medium-duty trucks, station wagons, and SUVs—those we own, and those we’ve considered owning. But fortunately, when we do get around to bikes, there’s a lot to like. We continue to be impressed by the Harley Pan-America, and the […]

Last Call: When It Rains, It Pours

When I saw this guy on the Interstate, all I could think was that life had probably not been very gentile with him lately. The downpour probably just felt like an unnecessary insult. DISCLAIMER: My wife was driving. I took this photo through the windshield from the passenger seat.