Review: The 2022 Kia Forte GT is Neither Grand nor a Tourer

As much as the general automotive media doesn’t want you to believe it, automakers are still pumping out a wide selection of enthusiast-minded, relatively inexpensive daily drivers that aren’t outright sports cars. Take, for example, the new Honda Civic Si, the Hyundai Elantra N and Veloster N, the Subaru WRX, and so on. Kia, Hyundai’s […]

2022 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Review: Grand touring snow bunny

No automotive design choice in recent memory has been more controversial than that of BMW’s enlarging kidney grille. From what was once understated and attractive to today’s swollen, nose-consuming nostrils, the styling has been discussed endlessly which, if nothing else, was good for marketing and press. I’m one of those who cowered in fear at […]

2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Review: The perfect sports sedan’s Viking funeral

Sometimes within the first mile of driving a car you know that it’s spectacular. The 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing is one of those cars. As one of the final two gas-powered heavy-hitters from the brand (the other being the sinister CT5-V Blackwing) the CT4-V Blackwing has a lot resting on its shoulders. So it was […]

The 2021 Jaguar F-Pace SVR is a perfectly imperfect 550 horsepower laugh-inducer

“A Jaguar SUV? You gotta be shittin’ me!” the bystander proclaimed upon approaching the F-Pace SVR that I had just exited. Ten years ago it would have been blasphemy; in fairness, to some it still is. But luxury and speed have evolved since the days of the Jags everyone remembers and loves, and now we […]

2022 Kia Stinger GT2 V6 AWD promises plenty and delivers most of it

It’s amazing that the Kia Stinger even exists. It was a moonshot when it debuted and rumors had it dying for the 2022 model year instead of being refreshed. And here we are, thankful Kia is still selling a rear-wheel-drive (or AWD) hatchback-touting sedan that pays homage to the Audi A7/S7 while leaning heavily on […]

In Pictures: Caffeine & Carburetors, 09/12/2021

Caffeine & Carburetors is always a spectacular show. The event encompasses almost the entirety of downtown New Cannan, CT with the Sunday morning affair bringing out some of the Northeast’s finest vehicles. There’s seemingly something for everyone: Vintage race cars, off-roaders, modern exotics, JDM dream-machines, and everything in-between. After a brief stretch off thanks to […]

2021 Land Rover Discovery R Dynamic S Review

What makes for a good luxury SUV in 2021? A three-row family hauler needs to be more than posh to win buyers. It has to offer space for gear or travel bags, promise off-tarmac capability for the small percentage who use it, and bring enough technology to make an IT firm quiver. And, it has […]

Buy this Land Rover Discovery to live those Camel Trophy dreams

Land Rover has a pure, holistic connection with off-roading. So much so that the brand is basically synonymous with four-wheel-drive vehicles. Even more so with the famed Camel Trophy. Though the manufacturer has swayed toward luxury as of late, the Rovers we know and love are those like the example we have here. Exactly like […]

Project V8 4th-gen 4Runner: Spring update

I’ve had the yet-to-be-named 4Runner for a few months now. (Millenium Falcon is the working title, in case you were wondering, continuing my Star Wars theme). As is the case with any new-to-you project, three things need to happen: Set a baseline, mend existing issues, and start improving. Much of this has happened. Progress has […]

Kia Seltos SX Turbo Review: The surprising Florida road trip test

Consumers cannot get enough of the small-to-midsize crossover market. Accordingly, nearly every manufacturer provides an offering in the segment. Longing for a piece of the pie, Kia recently launched the Seltos, with all-wheel-drive and plastic cladding aplenty. Kia’s website touts “Big design, technology, and versatility.” Are they right? My wife and I would find out: […]