Post-Pandemic America will likely be a Good Place for Automobiles

The situation in the United States now doesn’t look great, but things are starting to get better. In many states, the rate of cases has slowed down. Some states with very few cases are beginning to re-open. Things have changed for cars since the pandemic began. Some of these things point to post-pandemic America being […]

This Appears to be the new 2 Series Coupe

BMW put out the first 2 Series in 2014, and it’s one of the best — if not the best — compact luxury chassis out there. The M2 and M2 Competition are some of the best driving, front-engined cars for sale today. The only issue is BMW’s consistent six-year production cycles. That means we’re up […]

Watch the Ferarri F430’s Designer Walk You Through Designing the Legendary Supercar

I’m an Industrial design major, and I’ve designed a few cars before. They’re pretty good, but I cannot sketch out cars with anywhere near the ease of somebody like Frank Stephenson. Considering he’s one of the most talented automotive designers out there today, I shouldn’t even have to say that. Stephenson has designed several popular […]

This Pontiac Grand Prix Limo is ready for the Track

A lot of strange cars get turned into Limousines, but none of them claim to be racecars, as far as I know. That observation excludes Richard Hammond’s sport limousine, of course. That car isn’t for sale, though. This one is. Another day of browsing for cheap Pontiacs on Autotrader, another diamond in the rough. This […]

Top Gear must be good again if they got a Mclaren Speedtail to race an F35

Rarely does a series ever have so-called ‘blunder years’ after its 22nd season, but that happened to Top Gear after the classic May, Hammond, and Clarkson trio packed up and moved to Amazon. For a few seasons it seemed like Top Gear had lost it’s way. Hosts came and gone, and nothing seemed to be […]

Acura let two of its race car drivers swap rides and the result was interesting

It’s cool when race car drivers get into the same cars to test out their skills head-to-head. Remember when Michael Schumacher lost to NASCAR driver Carl Edwards at the ROC? That was a prideful moment for us Americans. What’s even more interesting is when two race car drivers get in each other’s cars. We get […]

Oil Drums Are Now The Cheapest Wheels You Can Buy

Oil is worth negative money now, right? You go to the gas station, ask for ten gallons, and the attendant gives you three hundred bucks. Okay, maybe not really, but what would happen if you used oil drums for wheels? The great guys at Garage54 have decided to answer that question.   As it turns […]

Speeding Tickets Over 100MPH Have Jumped 87% in California

Any of you guys been outside lately? Not a lot of people driving despite gas being so cheap. This combination, despite the pandemic, is apparently giving people ideas. Along with the recent new cannonball record, speeding tickets in California are rising rapidly. On the face of it, this makes plenty of sense. You’re driving down […]

Jay Leno is Not Impressed with Your Million Dollar Custom Supercar

Jay Leno is one of the few people I’ve ever heard utter the words, “Doesn’t feel like twelve hundred horsepower.” There have been a few instances on his great Youtube channel Jay Leno’s Garage when he was not thrilled with cars he was driving, and made that clear. Sometimes with people from the company riding […]

Hooniverse Asks: Why do people leave cars in the Woods?

I live in a rural area of New York State. There used to be a lot of dairy farms here, but most of them are shut down now. Apparently, when a farmer didn’t need a car anymore (or it broke down), they would just pull it into the woods with a tractor, and leave it […]