The Killer ZomBee – A Season Ender to One HELL of a Season.

It’s 10am, Saturday morning at Buttonwillow Raceway in central California, and the sun is finally starting to take the bone-aching cold out of our toes. Around one hundred thirty crappy old hoopties and ultimate driving machines circle the track in a motorized spectacle that can only be described as part Burning Man, part mid-20th century […]

Time capsule – 1915 Model T Hot Rod

Many moons ago a young Sparky and his friends came across a pile of old car parts abandoned in the forest that excitedly stirred our imaginations. While someone looked at this collection of junk as unwanted garbage to be dumped late at night, we saw it as the foundation of our future Hot Rod and […]

Real Hoons, Hooning a Hoontastic *Longroof!

[youtube][/youtube]   On this wonderful Wagon Wednesday, let us pause for a moment and give thanks to the spirit of the Hoon. From the lands down under, ancestral homeland of our namesake – the original Hoons, something wicked this way comes.   (*Note: The original post listed this as a Hearse, which came from the video […]

Hangin… Santa Clara monthly Import Meet

  One of the great things I’ve come to love since moving to the Silicon Valley oh-so-many years ago,  is that there are no shortage of gearhead-orientated meets around the Southbay if you know where to look. They often pop up unexpectedly by word of mouth or via tradition in shopping centers across the bay, […]

Smokey + Bear

[youtube][/youtube] “10-4 good buddy, Smokey-Bear heading north on…  Wait, 10-9? Did you say Smokey or Bear? Over.” <radio crackles> “Uh… Yes? Over.”   Sheer awesomenessitude…

Rapture awareness; Killer ZomBees Attack Reno

  Just in time for the end of the world, last weekend the un-dead Killer ZomBee MGB, quasi-official race car of our sister site Atomic Toasters, participated in the 24 Hours of Lemons “Goin for Broken” race at Reno Fernley Raceway. This grueling non-stop event out in the desert took place over a full 24 […]