Craigslist Find: Itching for Change Edition

UPDATE 2/22/17: I’m still trying to find a good time to get with the seller. We’ve traded text messages several times, but the stars aren’t aligning lately. I did ask specifically about rust, and said it is “minimal.” For me, any rust is a worry, so it would need to be nipped in the bud […]

Hooniverse Asks Bonus: Whither the Drive/r?

Autonomous – that is driverless – cars are coming, and they’re coming to our roads soon than you might think. What place, if any, do these devilish creations have on our roads? Will we soon be awash in a sea of self-aware cars? Are we about to witness Overdrive come to life? Let’s found out.

V.I.S.I.T. – Late Winter Edition

I wanted to throw together a V.I.S.I.T. this week, but it’s slim pickins this time of year. Let’s see if we can make lemonade out of these lemons, anyway.

Truck Thursday: How to Ruin a Truck

Happy Hoon Year, my friends. It’s 2016, and we’re all full of hope. Some of us are just wrapping up the Christmas season (12 days of Christmas and all), while others have long since put away the decorations and are cleaning up after their New Year’s parties. As for me, I’m enjoying a quiet evening in the […]

Fly-By Friday: Which Car Did it Best?

For my final installment of Fly-By Friday, I pose this question to you: which car did it best? Cars aren’t meant to fly, of course – not yet, anyway – and yet they still do on occasion, usually by accident. Let’s look at four examples of cars aloft. Some accidents, like the one shown above, […]

Fly-By Friday: Stadium Super Trucks Take Flight

It’s another Fly-by Friday post! Literally, in this case. A recent round of the SPEED Energy Stadium Super Trucks championship saw the drivers boarding a plane for Townsville, Queensland, Australia to support the V8 Supercar show at the famed Townsville circuit. We’ve covered this series here a few times over the years, and let me tell […]

Fly-By Friday: An Ill-Lumina-ting Experience

Continuing with the theme, this poor Lumina coupe meets an ignominious and altogether cruel death at the hands of a man I can only describe as insane. I admire the bravery of guys who do stunts like this, and I appreciate the effort, but this is a good way to wreck your health. Still, his […]